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House renovation in Mare de Déu de Montserrat de Barcelona

We have completed a new house renovation work in Barcelona. In the renovations company Grupo Inventia we take care of this type of project both in the same capital and in the nearby towns. For this new job we have moved to Mare de Déu de Montserrat street. There we have been responsible for renovating and improving the aspects of interior design and facilities of the entire home.

Thanks to our catalog of materials and the versatility of our experts we can adapt to all decorative styles and needs. We offer the best qualities on the market and we are not afraid to guarantee you the best result in your house renovation. We also adjust to your budget so you can have the improvements you want without having to spend more.

The finishes of this house renovation in Barcelona are presented in the following video. As you can see we have updated the interior design and completely renovated two bathrooms. To enjoy more completed projects and take ideas for your renovation you can follow us on our social networks.

Interior improvement

One of the requests of this house renovation in the Mare de Déu of Montserrat street was the one to update the interior design. To do this, our interior design company in Barcelona has presented several proposals based on the instructions of the owners. Thanks to this procedure we can present viable projects that can even be retouched at any time to find the one you like best.

This time it has opted for a contemporary interior design with a combination of neutral tones. As the bedrooms have been renovated it is an ideal style to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. In addition to presenting itself with a modern image, it achieves an ideal space for rest.

To do this, the walls have been painted white. This allows natural light to spread to all corners of the house more smoothly. In turn, very bright and visually spacious spaces are achieved, two perfect and essential characteristics for the interior design of a modern home.

New floor and doors

In addition to the painting work we have discussed, we have also taken care of other improvements in this renovation in Barcelona. One of them has been the placement of the new floor in the spaces of the house. In Grupo Inventia we have a large catalog of options for the new floor of your home. From parquet to hydraulic through ceramic floors. The options are endless.

For this flat in Barcelona, a laminate parquet floor in medium shades of wood has been chosen. In the whole image is perfect, as it combines very well and further enhances the feeling of warm atmosphere. For its part, it is also a resistant and durable material, totally suitable to withstand the day to day.

Another detail that has been improved is the doors. The originals have been removed and replaced with white doors. They fit beautifully into this contemporary interior design and stand out thanks to their modern design with fine horizontal lines. The door frames are also white, while the new plinths retain the wood color of the parquet floor.

Bathroom renovation

New interior design and new bathrooms. At Grupo Inventia we are specialists in bathroom and toilet renovations. We work with the best materials and brands on the market in order to guarantee the best result. This time we have improved both the image and the sanitary equipment of the main bathroom and the guest bathroom.

Now each bathroom is equipped with three modern and functional sanitary ware. One of them is a washbasin that incorporates a storage cabinet at the bottom. It is accompanied by a new toilet and a water area. For this last element, a shower tray has been chosen in the two bathroom renovations.

The interior image of the bathroom has also been improved. As in the other spaces of the house, it has opted for a contemporary interior design to generate two fresh and pleasant spaces. The walls of the main bathroom have been painted with special beige paint. The walls of the bathroom have been tiled with white tiles. In both bathroom renovations the new floor is beige stoneware tiles.

House renovation budget in Barcelona

We have presented the improvements of this new renovation in Barcelona. An excellent job both in the interior design of the house and in the equipment of the bathrooms. Now, if you think it is the right time to renovate any aspect of your home, call us at 93 209 97 17. We will prepare your renovation budget and deliver it to you without any commitment.