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House renovation in Marina street in Barcelona

We have completed a new project of house renovation in Barcelona. We have moved up to one floor on Marina street to improve all of its spaces. A personalized project and according to the needs that the owners have told us. As always, a tailor-made and personalized renovation in Barcelona.

Our professionals adapt to your needs and your decorative style. We work with a very varied catalog to be able to offer you the best options in each case. Each of the points to improve your home are established in the initial house renovation project. In this way we can work more efficiently and follow the planned schedule.

In the following video we show the improvements we have made in this apartment on Marina street. Once we finish the renovations we share them on our social networks. Thus, we can show in a proper and real way our way of working and all the improvements that we can apply in a home.

Contemporary interior

One of the first steps in this renovation in Barcelona has been to define the new interior design of the house and the living space. For this, our interior designers in Barcelona have been responsible for establishing each new element together with the owners. In this sense we have chosen to apply a contemporary interior design.

We have painted the walls with neutral shades. The objective is to achieve bright and visually spacious spaces. The neutral tones allow natural light to flow easily through all the corners of the floor. For the majority of walls we have used white paint, although in some bedrooms we have also applied a touch of soft green.

The interior design culminates with the new floor. For this project we have chosen a parquet floor in natural wood tones. It visually brings warmth to areas such as the living room and bedrooms. In addition, it is a resistant and durable material. It is prepared to offer the best performance for many years.

Open kitchen

The new kitchen has an open concept and is distributed on two fronts. At the ends of the left side there are custom-made holes to integrate electrical appliances. Specifically a fridge and oven next to the microwave. In the central part we have placed a worktop equipped with a glass ceramic plate.

Another improvement in this kitchen renovation is that it has storage capacity both in the lower and upper parts. In this way, kitchen items and small appliances can be organized very easily. All with a contemporary design in line with the rest of the house.

The kitchen furniture is white, as is the worktop on the left side. On the right side we have placed another worktop that has a lace finish. It provides a large support and work surface, as well as housing the sink. This worktop is multifunctional, as it can be used as a breakfast bar.

Modern bathrooms

We have also carried out two very complete bathroom renovations. We have improved both the image and the sanitary equipment. Thanks to our extensive range of bathroom renovations, we can offer the best options to every homeowner. In this case we have obtained two very cool and functional toilet spaces.

The image is different in each bathroom. One of the bathrooms maintains the overall image of the house. We have tiled the walls with white tiles and laid a beige tiled floor. On the other hand, the walls of the toilet have been tiled with blue lacquered tiles. We have created a more intimate and relaxed space.

These are two toilet spaces that complement each other very well, since they can be used at all times. Each one has a sink with lower storage unit and also a toilet. In the case of the bathroom we have also fixed the water area, a shower with sliding screens.

House renovation budget

Our objective as a renovation company is that you can enjoy your new home from day one. We provide personalized treatment from the first moment and advise you on everything you need. We prepare your complete renovation project in a few days and without commitment. You can request it by calling 93 209 97 17.