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House renovation in Marina street

A new porject of house renovation in Barcelona takes us to Marina street. There we have been responsible for completely renovating a house. We have improved both the interior design of your rooms and the equipment of key spaces. Now it is a functional home that offers the best features.

Our renovation services include personalized advice so that you have everything you need in your new home. Each project is tailored to each need and thanks to our versatility we can adapt. We have a very extensive catalog to accommodate all possible decorative styles.

In the following video we share the finished house renovation. As you can see, we have managed to apply an image and equipment according to current trends. To find out more about our house renovations and projects you can follow us on social networks. We update our profiles daily with our own and real content.

Contemporary design

One of the first steps in this renovation in Barcelona is to define the new image of living spaces. We have chosen to apply a contemporary interior design with neutral tones and parquet flooring. Using this style we have obtained bright and visually spacious spaces.

To paint the walls we have used the color white. It is a perfect option to allow the light to flow through all the corners. In addition, this apartment has large entrances of natural light both in the main living room and in the bedrooms. We have achieved a very cozy atmosphere in all areas of the house.

Another point in favor of contemporary design is that it can adapt to many types of decoration. Now a minimalist, industrial or modern decorative style can be applied to this floor. You also have to add the warmth that the parquet floors provide. In the bedrooms we have created an ideal environment for rest.

Open kitchen renovation

One of the spaces that we have improved in this house renovation is the kitchen. It is an open kitchen with an L-shaped layout. We have placed several of the new appliances on the right side of the kitchen. Concretely, there are custom-made holes to integrate the refrigerator, the oven and the microwave.

The central part of this kitchen renovation is expanded and has a wide and elongated worktop. It offers a large support and work surface. In addition, it is equipped with a vitroceramic plate and a single sink. It also has storage capacity both in the lower and upper part.

This kitchen renovation guarantees a perfect organization for kitchen items and small appliances. All this with a black kitchen cabinet in the lower part and with wood finishes in the upper cabinets. This last element combines in a very successful way with the parquet floor that we have placed.

Modern bathroom renovation

We have also been in charge of renovating the bathroom of this home. It is a large toilet space that we have been able to equip with new sanitary facilities. Now it has a toilet with storage furniture, a floating toilet and a water area. For the latter we have installed a bathtub and a shower tray protected by screens.

As for the new image of this bathroom renovation, we have used a modern design with current trends. We have tiled the walls with beige tiles. On the wall of the bathroom we have used large tiles, while on the wall of the water area the tiles are mosaic type.

In general, we have achieved a bathroom with a fresh and cozy atmosphere. These are ideal characteristics for a daily use space. In addition, the surface of the tiles and the tiles make it easier to clean and maintain the bathroom.

House renovation budget

We take care of the your house renovation and we do it in a personalized way. We listen to your needs and offer you the best options to achieve them. Contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 and request your budget without obligation.