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House renovation in Miquel Romeu street

At Grupo Inventia we have completed a new house renovation. On this occasion, we moved to L’Hospitalet de Llobregat to completely renovate a property located on Miquel Romeu street.

As you can see the next video, it was managed to equip the building with visual amplitude and brightness through neutral colors and taking advantage of natural light from the outside.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is located on the first floor and is open to the livingroom. At the bottom left, appliances were fitted with a refrigerator, an oven and a microwave. Next the counter is born, that already arrives until the other end of the room.

The counter is equipped with a vitroceramic plate and an individual sink. In addition, it has several cabinets and drawers both in its lower part and higher, so that it has a large storage capacity.

This kitchen continues with the general design of the home, where the neutral tones generate visual amplitude and greater luminosity. The white color was used for the lower part of the kitchen cabinet, while the upper one has finished wood. It emphasizes the pavement, a hydraulic floor that visually delimits the kitchen, differentiating it from the room and its laminate parquet.

Bathrooms renovation

The property has two bathrooms that were completely renovated in both image and equipment. Both have a sink with built-in storage furniture, a toilet and a comfortable shower.

Regarding design, two different options were chosen. While the main bathroom is tiled with tiles that simulate the finish in wood, in the courtesy bathroom, beige and hydraulic tiles were used to tile the walls. In any case, both rooms offer a pleasant and inviting appearance.

House renovation in Barcelona

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