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House renovation in Mossèn Amadeu Oller street in Barcelona

New project of house renovation in Barcelona completed. We have moved to Carrer Mossèn Amadeu Oller to completely renovate a house. We have taken it upon ourselves to improve both the interior design and the equipment of all the rooms. After this house renovation, we have achieved a functional and cozy apartment.

Thanks to the versatility of our professionals, we can adapt to all kinds of styles and needs. In addition, we have a very varied catalog of materials and finishes. To find out about all our completed and in-progress projects, we invite you to follow us on our social media profiles.

Open kitchen renovation

It is an open kitchen that is distributed in an L shape. Now this kitchen has all the elements to offer the best services. On the left side there is part of the kitchen furniture with the fridge and a counter equipped with a sink. The fridge is hidden by the cupboard doors.

To the right of the kitchen renovation is the main kitchen cabinet. It has an elongated table that offers support and work surface. At the same time, it is equipped with a glass ceramic plate. In this part there is storage capacity with cupboards and drawers both on the lower and upper part of the counter.

We took advantage of these parts of the black kitchen furniture to integrate the oven, in the lower part, and the microwave, in the upper cabinets. It is a functional kitchen that integrates perfectly with the rest of the house. In addition, it is also seamlessly connected to other areas such as the dining room and the living room.

Modern design bathroom

We have also the bathroom renovation, installing personalized sanitary equipment. The toilet is on the counter and has the shape of a stone. It is large and integrates perfectly into the bathroom design. The new capsule-shaped toilet with the cistern hidden in the wall also stands out. They are accompanied by a square-shaped floor-standing shower tray.

It is a very well equipped bathroom with a contemporary and pleasant design. We tiled the walls entirely with gray finish tiles. In this way, we have enhanced the feeling of brightness and visual amplitude. For the pavement we have used blue tiles with a wear effect that add a lot of personality.

Neutral interior design

In addition to the kitchen and bathroom renovations, we have also taken on the task of applying a new decorative style to the entire flat. Together with the owners, we opted for a contemporary interior design with neutral tones. We have painted the walls white, perfect for taking advantage of natural light and illuminating the whole floor.

This is combined with new flooring, a parquet floor in natural wood tones. We have taken care of placing it in every room of the house. It is now presented in a homogeneous style. This combination of colors creates a cozy and warm atmosphere, ideal in rest areas such as bedrooms.

Custom house renovation

Our team works in a personalized way with each client. We offer each person the best options in your house renovation to get everything they want in their new home. Contact us and ask for a quote without obligation, you can call us on 93 209 97 17.