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House renovation on Nicaragua street of Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia we are completing several house renovations in Barcelona in these last days of the year. On this occasion, our team traveled to Nicaragua street to take care of the improvement of the interior design and equipment of this floor, which we will present below. Based on a contemporary decorative style, we can rejuvenate all the spaces and leave them ready for the best performance.

Before reviewing and commenting on some of the highlights of this new house renovation work in Barcelona, we want to share a video in which we show the general finishes achieved.

Kitchen renovation

It is an open concept kitchen, distributed linearly. It is clear to the naked eye that it is a fully equipped space that offers a lot of functionality and proper mobility when it comes to using it. To begin with, the fridge, oven and microwave were built into the far left.

This is followed by an elongated countertop on which the hob and sink were installed. In addition, both the lower and upper cabinets and drawers were placed for storage space in the kitchen. Another detail is found on the pavement. While parquet flooring was installed in the livingroom, the kitchen space was differentiated by placing a hydraulic type floor.

Bathroom renovation

The bathroom renovation was an excellent improvement both in the sanitary equipment and in the interior design of the room. After the work done in it looks a cool and pleasant atmosphere, ideal for a space of daily use. The bathroom now has a sink with built-in two drawers, a toilet and a shower. In addition, a bathroom closet that provides extra storage capacity.

White beveled tiles were used for the tiling of the walls. This was quite a success as they give off a very modern look. For healthy flooring he opted for a hydraulic floor, as in the kitchen. In addition to providing personality, this type of surface offers easy maintenance.

House renovation in Barcelona

If you are thinking of renovating your entire home or part of it, you can call us at 93 209 97 17 and find out about our house renovation services without obligation. We will give you a project and quote of house renovation totally free.