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House renovation of apartment in Paseo Fabra i Puig

Our house renovation team has finished a new project and we can now present the result. On this occasion we have moved to Paseo Fabra i Puig in Barcelona to improve the image and facilities of this apartment. Now you can cope with today’s needs in a functional way.

Thanks to our versatility we have been able to adapt to the needs of the owners. We work with a wide catalog with materials and finishes of all decorative styles. So that you can learn about our work, we share our house renovations on the company’s social networks. Follow us and contact us without commitment.

As we will comment on this house renovation in Barcelona, we have completely renovated the kitchen and the bathroom. In addition, we have applied a new interior design in all spaces. This has involved painting, changing the flooring and placing new doors and windows, among other improvements.

Linear kitchen renovation

One of the spaces that we have improved on this floor is the kitchen. It remains in its original location, its own independent space. As it has a rectangular surface, we have opted for a linear kitchen layout. In this way each element is located in the place that allows it greater functionality.

The new kitchen cabinet occupies the right side of this kitchen renovation. At the end the appliances have been integrated. There are custom cut-outs for the fridge, oven and microwave. Then a countertop is born that reaches the other end of the kitchen. On it we have installed a three-burner hob and a single-bowl sink.

Both in the lower and upper part there is storage capacity for the kitchen. The lower part of the furniture is white and has a custom hole to integrate the washing machine. The upper cabinets are presented with a wood finish and expand the storage capacity.

This makes it very easy to store and organize all the kitchen elements. Cutlery, textiles, small appliances. Thanks to the new kitchen furniture we have achieved a visually spacious space. In addition, we have painted the walls white and we have maximized the light in the kitchen.

Modern bathroom

In the bathroom we have also made the appropriate improvements so that it offers the best benefits. All this wrapped in a fresh and welcoming atmosphere, very important characteristics in a space for daily use. In this way we have tiled the walls with beige tiles.

Thus the bathroom has a bright and spacious image, since neutral tones favor it. For the new bathroom floor, gray tiles have been chosen and they fit perfectly into this contemporary image. In addition, on a practical level they guarantee very simple maintenance.

This bathroom renovation has also ended with the installation of new sanitary equipment. Now the bathroom has a sink with a built-in storage unit, a toilet and a utility area. For the latter, a shower tray has been installed that is protected by sliding door screens.

Neutral design

We have also taken care of improving the visual aspect of all the spaces of the house. In general terms, we have worked based on a contemporary design that our interior designers in Barcelona have been in charge of outlining and applying. Now this apartment enjoys a modern and current image.

This feature can be seen very well in the color of the walls. We have painted them with neutral tones such as white and beige. In this way, natural light spreads fluidly to all corners. These characteristics can be seen in areas such as the living room or the bedrooms.

Thanks to this we have provided this apartment with the ideal environment for a home. The spaces are cozy and accessible both for family moments and to spend a pleasant evening with friends. Other innovations in interior design is the pavement. With the exception of the kitchen and bathroom, we have placed a parquet floor in natural wood tones.

Custom house renovation

Thanks to our varied offer we can adapt to all kinds of needs for your house renovation. Once you tell us what you need, we will work to deliver a tailor-made project that will include a detailed and adjusted renovation budget. We deliver them to you without obligation and you can request them by calling 93 209 97 17.