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House renovation on Telègraf street in Barcelona

The house renovations of Grupo Inventia continue to add successfully completed projects. A few days ago our team finalized the renovation that was being carried out in a house located on Telègraf street in Barcelona. This has been a complete renovation that has improved both the interior design and the equipment of the rooms such as the kitchen and the bathrooms.

A contemporary style design has been used, achieving bright and spacious spaces. To do this, the walls have been painted beige and have been combined with parquet flooring in medium wood tones. All these improvements can be seen in the video we share below.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is accessed through a sliding door and we find an L-shaped layout At the far left is the fridge built-in and then a countertop is born. It is equipped with a three-cooker and at the bottom it has an oven and a dishwasher. Cabinets and drawers have also been placed for storage at both the bottom and top.

The counter tilts to the right and gives way to a surface on which the sink was placed. To the right was a kitchen cabinet which was embedded in the microwave. This same area also has a kitchen bar that expands the support surface. All wrapped in an atmosphere that combines white and wood finishes.

Bathrooms renovation

In this work of house renovation in Barcelona we are in charge of completely renovating two bathrooms. New and modern sanitary equipment was installed in them. This one is composed, in the two bathroom renovations, of bathroom with storage furniture, toilet and shower. The latter element has sliding door bulkhead closures.

For the new look of these bathrooms bet on a total tiled of walls. Beige tiles were used for this. This has achieved very bright and visually spacious rooms. For the flooring, a neutral stoneware floor was also chosen. Another detail of this bathroom renovations is that in both cases sliding doors were installed.

House renovations in Barcelona

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