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House renovation in Padilla street of Barcelona

Our house renovation team has completed a new project on Padilla street in Barcelona. These have been a few days in which we have not been responsible for improving both the image of the house and to renovate all its facilities. Now this apartment in Barcelona is a well-defined and highly functional space.

One of the benefits of working with our renovation company is that we take care of everything you need. We offer personalized advice so that you can choose everything you need and from there we take care of bringing it to life. We offer this type of service both for renovations in Barcelona and in nearby towns.

For this house in Padilla street, all the key aspects of a house renovation have been worked on. New interior design, improvement of facilities, placement of equipment and even furnished bedrooms. Before commenting on the key details of this work we share a video in which we show its general finishes.

Modern interior design

One of the first improvements we see in this house renovation is its interior design. Our team of interior designers in Barcelona have been responsible for creating a project according to the needs of the owners. In this way they can now enjoy a home with a modern image and a very welcoming atmosphere.

Most of the walls have been painted beige. It is a very pleasant shade that generates warm and very relaxed spaces. For example in the bedrooms it creates the perfect atmosphere for concentration and rest. It combines the new white doors and also the plinths. A very pleasant contrast has been achieved with a homogeneous image between all the spaces of this floor.

Another element that has changed and improved the interior design is the pavement. Now on most of the surface a parquet floor has been laid on all wooden media. This is a perfect choice visually. It combines very well with contemporary interior design and is able to generate a greater feeling of warmth. On the other hand, it is a strong and durable material.

Kitchen on two fronts

The kitchen is located in an open space very well defined visually. Once there we find a kitchen distributed on two fronts, open concept and has a dining area. This is a very spacious kitchen that can be used as a multifunctional space. L-shaped worktops have been attached to the outside of the kitchen, serving as a dining area.

Now in the kitchen itself, at the far right end, appliances have been integrated. This includes a refrigerator, oven and microwave. All of them integrated in the same kitchen furniture. Then a section of countertop is born that has been equipped with a ceramic hob. Right in front is the other front of the kitchen being another countertop. It offers a large support surface and is also the site of the sink.

The new image of the kitchen is presented in accordance with the general image of the house. The kitchen furniture is white, both the cabinet doors and the countertops. Another improvement that has been introduced in this kitchen renovation is the storage capacity. It now has several drawers and cabinets at the bottom of the countertops.

Functional bathroom

The bathroom has also been renovated in terms of both image and sanitary equipment. It is now presented with a much more modern image and sanitary parts as current as functional. Our catalog of bathroom renovation materials is extensive and varied. You can easily get what you need.

One of the new sanitary ware is the sink that includes a piece of furniture with two drawers for storage. This is followed by a classic-style toilet with a cistern on the back and a water area. The latter element is a shower tray that is protected by sliding door partitions.

In addition to equipping it, the interior image of this bathroom renovation has also been improved. The walls have been tiled at half height with beige tiles and the rest has been painted white until it reaches the ceiling. For the new pavement, a hydraulic type floor with designs in black and gray tones has been chosen.

House renovation budget in Barcelona

If you think it’s time to renovate your home in Grupo Inventia we are waiting for you. We prepare your project and budget in a personalized way and adjusted to your needs. In addition, we deliver it to you without any commitment. To request it, call us on 93 209 97 17 or contact us via WhatsApp.