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House renovation in Palomar street of Barcelona

Several house renovation projects that we had in progress are gradually being finalized. One of the last takes us to a house located on Palomar street in Barcelona. We have been responsible for a complete renovation, improving the image and equipment of all its spaces.

A new house renovation project in Barcelona customized and based on the needs of its owners. In the following video we present the finishes of all the rooms of the house. Seen in general a house renovation work with which a real home has been achieved.

New interior design

As it is a house renovation, it has been updated in the interior design of the entire home. This time it has been worked on the basis of a contemporary style design. The owners wanted a cozy, bright home with a sense of spaciousness. Thus in shared spaces such as the livingroom or hallways the walls have been painted white. The living room also features a wall with exposed brick finishes.

This causes natural light to spread to every corner of the home. It is also a color that contrasts very well with the new wooden doors that have been placed. For its part in the bedrooms if more vivid colors have been used. While some of them follow the general line in terms of image, the other two bring more personality.

In one of them the walls have been painted blue, while the other has been chosen green. Something that if kept both in the three bedrooms and in the living room or hallway is the new floor. In all of them a ceramic floor imitation parquet has been placed. A resistant and durable surface that helps to generate home warmth in the environment.

Kitchen renovation

Another space that has been improved in this house renovation is the kitchen. It is an open concept kitchen consisting of two main parts. On the right side we find an L-shaped kitchen cabinet with two sections of countertop. These offer a large support surface and in one of them the glass ceramic plate has been installed.

In addition to these novelties, the kitchen has storage capacity at both the bottom and top of the countertops. Finally, at the far right end, custom gaps have been arranged to integrate the new appliances. Specifically a refrigerator, an oven and a microwave.

A kitchen island has been placed just in front of the described piece. This expands the support and work surface and houses the sink. In its lower area also has drawers and cabinets for kitchen storage. A highly functional kitchen with a modern image. For the new furniture, a black finish has been chosen that combines with the soft gray tone of the countertops. In addition, the upper cabinets are presented with wood finishes, combining with the new flooring.

Bathroom renovation

In this house that we have been responsible for renovating we have also improved the bathroom. A very complete renovation work in which we have taken advantage of all the available space. In this way we have managed to generate a fully equipped bathroom that offers a functional use.

It consists of a three-room bathroom which is accessed through a sliding door. On the right side has been placed a floating sink with storage capacity at the bottom. It has a large breast and the two drawers allow you to keep the bathroom tidy and organized. The new toilet has been installed right in front.

For the water area, a practical and large walk-in shower has been chosen. A space that offers the best features both in the day to day and in the most relaxed moments. An elegant double sliding door partition has been chosen for the enclosures. In the new image of this bathroom renovation the walls have been tiled with beige and gray tiles, the same tone of the pavement.

House renovation in Barcelona

Do you think it’s time to carry out a house renovation in your home? At Grupo Inventia we put at your disposal the best professionals in the sector. From an interior design team that will advise you at all times to a construction team that will ensure that you can enjoy your new home from day one.

Both the project and the house renovation budget are delivered to you free of charge and without any commitment. To request it you can call us at 93 209 97 17 or write to us via WhatsApp (you will see the icon on this same website). One of the professionals in our team will attend to you personally to know your needs. So we can schedule a first visit to what will be your future new home.