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House renovation in Passeig de Sant Joan in Barcelona

In the house renovation company we have been in charge to completely renovate this house. We have moved to the Passeig de Sant Joan to carry out improvement work on interior design and installation of equipment.

Now the home is ready to offer the best benefits in all aspects. The general finishes can be seen in the following video. In our Youtube channel we share all the house renovation work that we are finalizing. We also work both in Barcelona city and in nearby municipalities.

Contemporary design

One of the points to be improved in this house renovation was that of interior design. Our interior design department has worked on the basis of a contemporary design with neutral tones. In this way very bright and spacious spaces have been achieved. Natural light has been used to the maximum and it has been possible to expand it to every corner of the house.

To do this, the walls have been painted in a soft beige tone. Thanks to this, the new white doors and some black window frames contrast very well. For the pavement, a parquet floor in natural wood tones has been chosen. The whole image is very successful for a home and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Kitchen renovation

In this house renovation we have also been responsible for renovating and equipping the kitchen. We find a kitchen open and distributed in a U-shape. At the far left have been integrated the new appliances. We see the fridge, oven and microwave. There is also a space to place the washer and dryer. The latter are camouflaged behind a kitchen cabinet door.

Then a U-shaped countertop is born. The sink has been placed on the left side, while a glass ceramic plate has been installed in the center. The countertop on the right side provides support and work surface and serves as a breakfast bar. Another improvement in this kitchen renovation is the expansion of storage capacity. Both drawers and cabinets have been arranged at the bottom and top of the worktops.

New bathrooms

Another of the renovated spaces in this house renovation in Barcelona are the bathrooms. Despite some differences in models between the two, the two have new three-piece sanitary equipment. They now have a washbasin with storage cabinet, a toilet and a shower tray protected with transparent partitions.

In the plot of interior design there are more similarities between the two bathrooms. White tiles have been used to tile the walls. Thanks to this, two bright and visually spacious spaces have been achieved. It is also enhanced with the new gray tile floor. Its stone finish brings a very current image to these bathrooms.

House renovation in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia we have the right professionals so that your house renovation has everything you need. We work with a very varied catalog and we adapt to all styles and budgets. You can request your renovation project by filling out this contact form or by calling 93 209 97 17. We will deliver it to you free of charge and without any commitment.