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House renovation on Passeig Verdum in Barcelona

The year 2021 begins in Grupo Inventia and it does so with a new work of house renovation completed in Barcelona. Our team has been responsible for carrying out this house renovation on Passeig Verdum. It has been a work in which we have taken care of both the interior design of all rooms and the installation of new equipment.

Before commenting on some of the details of this new house renovation in Barcelona we share this video. In it the general finishes and the final result of the work can be appreciated. To see all the house renovations that we have carried out in Grupo Inventia we invite you to follow us on our Youtube channel.

New interior design

One of the main points of this house renovation was to improve and update its image. The project has involved a deep work of interior design to print a contemporary design throughout the house. The goal has been to create bright and spacious spaces, something that has been achieved through the use of neutral tones.

The walls are spaces such as the livingroom or bedrooms have been painted white. In this way natural light expands to every corner of the house. For the new doors and plinths, the color white has also been used, thus achieving a homogeneous and unified image. The perfect complement has been the placement of an imitation parquet ceramic floor. Now you can see a warm image that is ideal for a home.

Kitchen renovation

Another area to be improved in this house renovation in Barcelona was the kitchen. It is located in its own room and an L-shaped layout has been chosen. At the far left, the new appliances have been integrated, all of them with a stainless steel finish. They consist of refrigerator, oven and microwave. Immediately afterwards, the first section of the countertop appears, offering a large support surface and being the location of the sink.

The white kitchen cabinet turns to the right to make way for a second countertop. A modern ceramic hob has been installed on it. Both at the bottom, where the washing machine has been integrated, and at the top of this worktop, cabinets and drawers have been arranged. The kitchen renovation has served to generate ample storage capacity.

Bathroom renovation

For the bathroom renovation, the general image used throughout the house renovation has been followed. The walls have been tiled with white tiles and the same ceramic floor with wood finish has been placed. Now the room is very bright and presents the ideal image for a space for daily use.

In the same way, the sanitary equipment has also been completely renewed. The first thing we find is a pair of modern line toilet and bidet. Right next to it is a washbasin with a white piece of furniture integrated in its lower area. The new shower tray is located at the end of the bathroom. It is spacious, practical and protected with a static bulkhead.

House renovation in Barcelona

Grupo Inventia puts at your disposal everything necessary for the house renovation of your home to be a success. We have experienced professionals in the renovations sector and we work with the best materials. We offer excellent value for money and we adapt to all styles and budgets. You can request yours by filling out this form or by calling 93 209 97 17.