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House renovation in Plaça Doctor Modrego

We have again been in charge of renovating a flat in the city of Barcelona. Specifically, we have been working on a house located in Plaça Doctor Modrego. We have carried out a complete house renovation with improvements both in the interior design and in the facilities and equipment.

In this sense, this home is now fully functional and ready to offer the best performance. Our house renovations aim for you to enjoy your new home from day one. In this case, every space in the house is ready to use.

The finished works of this new renovation in Barcelona are presented in the following video. In addition to having all the projects on this website, follow us on social networks. We share new renovation projects in Barcelona and search daily. This way you can know our results in a direct and real way.

Luminous interiors

One of the first steps in this house renovation is to define the new interior design of the whole house. In this case, a contemporary image has been chosen to create bright and spacious spaces. To achieve this we have used neutral tones to paint the walls and we have placed new elements such as the floor or the doors.

We have used neutral colors such as white and beige to paint the walls. In this way we make the most of natural light. These colors allow the light to flow and reach all the corners of the house. In addition, it generates a very pleasant homogeneous image that allows all types of decorations.

The overall image of the house is completed with other new elements. We have been in charge of placing the new white doors. Also the new plinths and frames, as well as installing and changing the windows. In the same way that we have taken care of installing a parquet floor in natural wood tones.

Kitchen renovation in L

We find the kitchen in its own and independent space which we access through a sliding door. It is a large area that allows a lot of mobility. To make the most of this characteristic, it has been chosen to choose an L-shaped kitchen layout.

At the end of the kitchen furniture there are custom-made holes to integrate the oven and the microwave. Also a small section of worktop that turns to the left and gives way to the main worktop. On this we have installed a single sink and a glass ceramic plate. In the lower part it has a hole to place a washing machine or a dishwasher.

The new kitchen furniture is white and is combined with a black worktop. It creates a bright and visually spacious space with a very pleasant atmosphere. Gray tiles have been chosen for the kitchen floor. Visually they fit perfectly and in the practical part it is a resistant and durable material.

New functional bathroom

The bathroom renovation was also part of the project and we have improved both the interior design and the equipment. Our interior design experts in Barcelona have advised at all times to choose all the new elements. In this way, we offer a personalized and unique interior renovation project.

We have tiled the walls with beige tiles and combined it with a gray floor. The result is a bright bathroom with a fresh environment and ideal for daily use. The spaciousness of the bathroom also creates greater ease of movement.

The new sanitary equipment consists of a toilet with storage furniture in its lower part, a toilet and a shower tray. The latter is protected by sliding door screens. In addition, we have installed other elements such as the bathroom mirror, a towel rail and a wall-mounted bidet.

House renovation in Barcelona

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