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House renovation in Plaça Gal·la Placídia in Barcelona

New work of house renovation in Barcelona completed. In the renovation company Grupo Inventia we have moved to this house located in Plaça Gal·la Placídia. There we have renewed both the image and the equipment of key rooms such as kitchen and bathrooms. A new house renovation that concludes as its owners had requested.

On our Youtube channel we have shared the video of this house renovation in Barcelona. In it you can see the finishes of all the rooms and the new interior design of the house. To know more house renovation work done do not hesitate to follow us.

New interior design

With this house renovation, the goal was to achieve a more modern and current image. To do this we have been responsible for restoring walls and pavement, applying paints and durable materials. Both in the livingroom and in the bedrooms the walls have been painted white. Combining this color with natural light achieves bright and spacious rooms. In short, a perfect and cozy atmosphere for a home.

The original stoneware pavement has been restored. It is a beige tone that combines very well with the white of the walls. The new doors that have been placed in this house renovation are also white. In the kitchen and bathrooms a hydraulic floor was chosen. A colorful floor that brings a lot of personality to both spaces.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen has several parts and the main one is distributed in an L-shape. The left side is occupied by a worktop equipped with a hob. It also provides support surface and has storage capacity both at the top and bottom, where the oven was built. The worktop is made of wood and contrasts very well with the white kitchen furniture.

In the central area there is another countertop with the sink. In this case it has a cabinet in its lower area. To the right of the entrance to this kitchen was placed a piece of furniture that expands the storage capacity in the room. It also has a countertop that can be used as a work surface or as a breakfast bar.

Bathroom renovation

This house renovation in Barcelona involved the renovation of two bathrooms. In both cases the walls were tiled at half height with white meter type tiles. The rest of the wall has also been painted white. So the bathrooms look spacious and bright. In addition they allow to introduce other finishes. Black on the bathroom furniture and multicolored on the hydraulic pavement.

For the sanitary equipment has bet by baths of three pieces. Both rooms have a washbasin with storage furniture, a toilet and a water area. One of the main differences is in the latter element. The main bathroom has been used to place a bathtub, while the complimentary bathroom has a shower tray. It is protected by sliding door screens.

House renovation in Barcelona

Grupo Inventia professionals will develop the best house renovation project. Always based on your needs and taking into account your budget. You can request it by calling 93 209 97 17 or filling out the form that you will find on our website. We will deliver it to you free of charge and without obligation.