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House renovation in Praga street in Barcelona

We have been in charge of carrying out a new house renovation in Barcelona. Specifically, we have moved up to Praga street to adapt a house to current needs. It now has all the comforts that a real home can boast of.

All the improvements we have implemented in this apartment are in accordance with the needs of the owners. Our house renovation projects are personalized and made to measure. in addition, we adjust to the available budget by offering the best qualities on the market.

We share the finishes of this apartment on Praga street in Barcelona in the following video. As you can see, we have applied a modern design and have fully equipped key spaces such as the kitchen and the bathroom. We have also been in charge of furnishing the bedrooms with custom-made wardrobes.

Modern interiors

One of the first steps in this renovation in Barcelona was to determine the new interior design of the house. Our interior designers in Barcelona have been in charge of developing a project based on a contemporary image. In this way, we have managed to generate spaces that enhance brightness and visual amplitude.

The walls have been painted white, ideal for the light to flow properly to all corners. In the same way, we have placed new white doors, accompanied by frames and plinths also in white. Now the new windows are aluminum carpentry with double glass.

In contemporary interior design, parquet flooring is one of the best options to install. This is what we have done in this comprehensive reform and now it has a parquet floor in natural wood tones. Thanks to the new floor it is possible to generate a pleasant feeling of warmth and ideal for a home.

Linear kitchen renovation

The kitchen is located in its own and independent space that has access to a gallery. The main kitchen furniture has been placed on the left side in a linear form. It has an elongated worktop that provides a large support and work surface. A glass ceramic plate and a single sink have been installed on it.

One of the great improvements in this kitchen renovation is that it has storage capacity both in the lower and upper parts. These areas have been used to integrate various household appliances. In this way, in the lower part are the oven, the washing machine and also a space made to measure for a dishwasher.

A microwave has been integrated into the cupboards at the top of the kitchen unit. An auxiliary piece of furniture with shelves and cupboards has already been placed at the back of this kitchen in Barcelona. It also has a custom-made space in which we have completed the kitchen equipment by integrating the refrigerator.

Modern and functional bathroom

In this house renovation in Barcelona, ​​we have also been responsible for improving all aspects of the bathroom. In our catalog we have a great variety of options for both interior design and sanitary equipment. Our bathroom renovations are ready to offer the best performance.

For the new image of the bathroom, gray tiles have been chosen for the tiling of the walls. The new floor is made of tiles of the same color to achieve a homogeneous and pleasant image. By using neutral tones we have been able to introduce other finishes such as wood in the bathroom furniture.

We have modernized the image of the bathroom and we have also installed a new three-piece sanitary equipment. It consists of a toilet with built-in storage furniture, a toilet and a water area. For this last element, the work shower with sliding door screens has been kept.

House renovation budget

If the time has come to improve your home, contact us and request your renovation budget. Call us at 93 209 97 17 and tell us what you need for your new home. In a few days we will have your project ready and deliver it to you without any commitment.