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House renovation project in Berguedà street in Barcelona

In a very few days we will complete a new house renovation in Barcelona. Specifically in a house located on Berguedà street. This is a very house renovation project in which everything is being renewed.

The original condition of the house is very precarious and our professionals have taken care to update it both in image and equipment. Before the works are finished we want to present the project comparing the original state with the 3D renderings of our interior designers in Barcelona.

By the end of the house renovation project, we will have turned a much-needed structure into a real home. A home equipped with the modernity necessary to offer the best services at all times. Before enjoying the final result of this renovation in Barcelona we compare the original state with the 3D project that we have generated in Grupo Inventia.

New interior design

One of the first steps in this renovation project in Barcelona has been to establish the new interior design of the house. The great advantage is that the original precarious conditions of the house allowed to print any interior design without too many problems. After several meetings with the owners, a contemporary interior design has been chosen that gives each corner of the house its own personality.

In this way, in addition to giving the house a current image, its own original elements will also be recovered. Thanks to the 3D renderings made by our professional interior designers we can comment on what the final result will be before the works are completed. In relation to the new personality of the house, the walls and brick ceiling seen in the living area and also in some bedrooms will be restored.

Neutral tones will play a leading role in the new interior design of this house and the walls are being painted in white and beige. All this combined with a parquet floor in medium shades of wood that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in every space of the house. This is the general image and will be enjoyed both in common areas such as the livingroom or diningroom and in private rooms such as bedrooms.

Open kitchen renovation

The vast majority of house renovation we carry out involve a complete kitchen renovation. Seeing the original condition of the house in this house renovation project in Barcelona was not going to be an exception. Our experience in the sector and the professionals we work with allow us to guarantee the best result in a kitchen renovation.

In this particular case it is even more appreciated, as you can start the kitchen from scratch and place it in the most functional place. Once the works have been completed, this house in Barcelona will have an excellent kitchen open and distributed on two fronts. The new kitchen appliances will be integrated into a white kitchen cabinet, including a fridge, oven and microwave. The structure also has a large countertop and a large storage capacity for the kitchen.

The kitchen renovation is completed with another countertop tamo that provides more support and work surface to this kitchen. It is also designed to be used as a breakfast bar. In this same area an extension gives way to the dining area, which will be furnished with a table for several diners.

Equipped bathrooms

Other spaces that will be completely renovated are the bathrooms. Specifically, three bathroom renovations are being carried out, each floor of the house will have a toilet space. As in the rest of the house, a contemporary decorative line has been followed. The goal is to have fresh and cozy bathrooms, essential features for everyday spaces.

Beige tiles will be used to tile the walls and an imitation parquet ceramic floor will be placed. A perfect combination for a bathroom capable of generating a feeling of spaciousness and brightness. Being a neutral interior design also invites to introduce other types of finishes. We see it in the washbasin furniture that is presented in wood tones.

In addition to the image in each bathroom a modern and functional sanitary equipment is being installed. Each has a washbasin with storage furniture, a toilet and a water area with a shower tray. Without going any further, bathroom renovations to obtain spaces capable of offering the best services at all times.

Budget and house renovation project

In the renovation company Grupo Inventia we develop house renovation project for homes in Barcelona and nearby towns. We deliver it without any commitment and we also attach, free of charge, a detailed and adjusted budget. To request it, all you have to do is contact us by calling 93 209 97 17.