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House renovation in Puig Antich of Sabadell city

We recently completed a new house renovation. On this occasion, we will go to Puig Antinch street in the town of Sabadell. On this occasion we rehabilitate image and equipment completely, printing a more contemporary style to the home. Before commenting on the details, we share a video in which you can see the general finishes of the work carried out by Grupo Inventia.

Livingroom and bedrooms

Both the livingroom and the bedrooms of the house needed a change of image and that was what we did. In both cases a very similar design was applied, which contributed to the homogeneity between the different rooms of the house. For the renovation of livingrooms and bedrooms, as in the corridors, a neutral tone like beige was used to paint the walls and was combined with a parquet floor in light wooden tones.

With this, stays that generated more sensation of amplitude and luminosity, creating a very pleasant atmosphere. All this is enhanced by the contrast generated by wooden doors, which stand out and provide a lot of personality.

Bathrooms renovation

The property had two bathrooms and they were completely renovated. With regard to sanitary equipment, both rooms were equipped with a sink with built-in storage furniture, a toilet and a shower. With this, two spaces were obtained that offer the best features and functionality when making use of them.

For the interior design, the same line was followed, although there are details that vary between them. In both cases, the walls were completely tiled with beige tile, although brown tiles were used in several different walls, creating a warmer environment. Another point is the pavement, since in the bathroom suite brown tile tiles were used and in the courtesy bathroom a hydraulic floor was placed that provided a lot of personality to the room.

House renovation Grupo Inventia

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