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House renovation in Rambla Catalunya in Barcelona

We have finished a new projecto of house renovation in Barcelona, specifically on Rambla Catalunya. We have taken it upon ourselves to adapt a home so that it has all the current resources. That is why we have improved both its interior image and all its facilities. In this way we have managed to create a modern and functional home.

Thanks to our versatility as a renovation company, we can adapt to all kinds of decorative styles and to any need. We share all the work we complete in Barcelona and its neighborhoods on our social networks. Follow us to learn what improvements we could apply to your home.

Open kitchen renovation

The new kitchen is open concept and has two areas. On the one hand, we have an L-shaped piece of kitchen furniture. On the other, a kitchen island that offers support surface and is equipped with a sink. In addition, the counter protrudes from the base to create a comfortable and functional breakfast bar. At the bottom it also has custom-made gaps to integrate the dishwasher and washing machine.

The main kitchen unit has an elongated worktop equipped with a glass ceramic hob. At the same time, it offers a wide support and work surface. It has drawers and cabinets for kitchen storage both on the bottom and top. At the right end there is a space reserved for the fridge and at the opposite end, we have integrated the oven and microwave.

Since it is an open kitchen renovation, the image must match the overall design of the home. In this case it is a contemporary interior design with neutral tones as protagonists. The bottom of the kitchen cabinet and the ends have a gray tone finish. On the other hand, the upper cabinets have natural wood finishes. They combine perfectly with the ceramic floor that we installed.

Functional bathrooms

We have also undertaken a complete bathrooms renovation. We have improved the two hygiene spaces of this home with a new image and new sanitary equipment. Now the two bathrooms are ready to offer the best services at all times.

Each bathroom has a sink with built-in two-drawer storage unit. In this way we can guarantee a correct organization of all types of hygiene products. It is accompanied by a toilet of modern lines with the cisterns at the back. Also, a water area with a shower tray protected by a transparent screen.

In this bathroom renovation, we tiled the walls with beige tiles. Thus, we have managed to create very bright and visually spacious spaces. We combined it with a stone gray tiled floor. In general terms, the result of these bathroom renovations are two toilets with a modern and functional image.

New interior design

In addition to renovating key areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms, we have also taken on the task of updating the interior design of the home. Our team of interior designers in Barcelona has worked on the basis of a contemporary style. The aim is to obtain welcoming spaces by enhancing lightness and spaciousness.

We painted the walls white. In this way, natural light is used to the maximum in areas such as the living room or the bedrooms. It creates a pleasant and ideal atmosphere for being with family and friends. In addition, the neutral interior design accepts many types of decoration. It is a very versatile interior design style.

Another important element that we have changed is the pavement. A ceramic floor with a finish that imitates wood has been chosen. Thanks to this detail, it is possible to generate a greater feeling of warmth. On a practical level, it is a resistant floor suitable for any space in the house.

House renovation budget

If you are interested in doing a house renovation, contact us by calling 93 209 97 17. We will prepare a tailor-made and personalized project. We will deliver it to you without obligation together with a detailed renovation budget adjusted to your requests.