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House renovation in Rector Triadó street of Barcelona

Our team continues to add completed projects. This time we have completed a house renovation in Barcelona. Specifically in an apartment located on the street Rector Triadó. It has been a complete project with interior design, renovation and furniture. In our renovation company we have a general and tailor-made furniture service.

Now this flat in Barcelona has the essential elements for today. In the same way, work has also been done to create rest areas to enjoy the home as needed. Before commenting on the details of this house renovation in Barcelona, ​​we share its finishes in the following video.

Open kitchen

One of the star products in house renovation is the kitchen. Here we have been responsible for renovating an open kitchen with linear distribution. After the set-up, the kitchen is connected to other areas of the apartment such as the dining room and living room. The latter two have been furnished with their respective table with chairs and sofa plus TV anchored to the wall.

The refrigerator has been placed at the far right of the kitchen. It is camouflaged by the doors of the kitchen furniture, white in color and with smooth panels. The counter is wide and offers support and work surface. A sink and a ceramic hob have been installed on it. Both the bottom and top have cabinets and drawers for storage.

An oven and a microwave are also included in this kitchen renovation. They are located in the lower and upper area of ​​the counter, respectively. For the floor of the kitchen, what has been placed in the rest of the house is kept. It is a parquet floor with natural wood finishes.

New bathrooms

In this renovation in Barcelona we have renovated two bathrooms. They are two functional spaces that respond to the needs of today’s day to day. Both spaces have been renovated in image and sanitary equipment. Thanks to our catalog in bathroom renovations we can offer what you need.

At the level of sanitary equipment now the bathrooms are 100% equipped. They have a washbasin with storage capacity, a toilet and a water area. For the latter, a shower tray with sliding door partitions has been chosen. A modern and functional equipment in every way.

On the other hand, the image of these bathroom renovations has been adapted to the new style of the apartment. A contemporary design with neutral tones has been applied. The walls have been tiled in half height with white beveled tiles and a hydraulic type floor has been placed. In this way each bathroom creates a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. Important features for a daily space.

Interior and exterior design

In addition to renovation such important spaces as the kitchen and bathrooms, we have also improved the interior image. Our interior design department in Barcelona has been in charge of printing a contemporary and cozy design. Now the dining room, living room or bedrooms offer a pleasant feeling of warmth.

The walls have been painted in a soft beige tone that allows light to circulate in all corners. The contrast with the new white doors and the parquet floor creates a very cozy atmosphere. This same design is followed in the bedrooms, which have also been fully furnished.

Each has a bed, a wardrobe and a work area. They are functional bedrooms and designed for a comfortable rest. At the same time, the exterior space of the house has also been prepared. It is a large terrace that has been furnished with a table for several diners.

Comprehensive reform budget in Barcelona

Our professionals will work in a personalized way so that you get everything you need in your home. Contact us by calling 93 209 9 7 17 and request your house renovation quote without obligation.