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House renovation in Ritme street in Barcelona

New work completed that joins the house renovations successfully completed. On this occasion, the Grupo Inventia construction team has moved to Ritme street in Barcelona. We have taken care of completely renovating the interior design of all the rooms and equipping key spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Before reviewing the improvements made in this house renovation in Barcelona we share a video in which we present the general finishes. If you feel like more you can visit our Youtube channel and see more work done.

Interior design in Barcelona

One of the advantages of carrying out your house renovation with Grupo Inventia is that we have a team of interior designers with extensive experience in interior design. Each house renovation project in Barcelona is assigned an interior designer who prepares the plans and 3D renderings of your home. He also personally advises you on the choice of materials, distribution, colors, etc.

In this house renovation it has been sought to endow the spaces with a contemporary decorative style. The aim has been to achieve spacious and bright rooms that contribute to generating warm and welcoming spaces. In this way the walls have been painted in a soft beige tone and a parquet floor has been placed in medium wood tones. The perfect image for any home.

Kitchen renovation

One of the most important spaces in any house renovation is the kitchen. In Grupo Inventia we also have a department specialized in kitchen renovations. In this way it is very easy to get the distribution and equipment you want in your new home. Thus we find a large kitchen, open concept and distributed in the form of L.

On the left is a white kitchen cabinet that offers ample storage capacity. A fridge, oven and microwave are built into it. All these appliances have black finishes. The central part is occupied by a large countertop with storage capacity in its lower area. A ceramic hob and a sink have been installed on it.

Bathroom renovation

Another stay completely renovated in this house renovation in Barcelona is the bathroom. It has followed the general decorative line of the house. In this way we find a bathroom with a high presence of neutral tones. With this we have achieved a bright space, visually spacious and with a very cool atmosphere.

Most walls have been tiled with beige tiles. For the walls of the new shower has opted for tiles with wood finish. These combine with the newly laid floor that has the same finishes. This sanitary element is accompanied by a countertop washbasin with built-in storage furniture and a toilet.

House renovations in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia we work so that the house renovation of your home has everything you need. Thanks to our extensive catalog of materials we adapt to any decorative style and to any budget. To request yours you can write to or call us on 93 209 97 17. We will deliver your project for free and without obligation.