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House renovation in Roger de Flor street in Barcelona

New house renovation in Barcelona. This same week we have added to our list of completed projects that of this house located on Roger de Flor street. In this house renovation, all aspects of the home have been improved, from interior design to the equipment of key rooms such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

Before reviewing the improvements made in this house renovation in Barcelona, we share a video so you can see the general finishes in all rooms. To see all our work you can visit our Youtube channel.

New interior design

In this house renovation it has been bet by an interiorismo of contemporary style. The aim has been to achieve rooms with a welcoming atmosphere through generating greater brightness and visual breadth. To do this, the walls have been painted white. This has also been the color chosen for the plinths and new doors, many of them sliding.

A parquet floor in medium shades of wood has been placed on most of the surface of the house. This is a very successful choice and one that fits perfectly with the desired atmosphere. After this house renovation work, spaces such as the livingroom or the bedrooms are very warm and welcoming.

Open kitchen

In this new house renovation in Barcelona we find an open concept kitchen. It is distributed in a U-shape and has complete equipment. At the far left, the fridge and oven have been built in, to give way to a countertop. It offers a support and work surface and has storage capacity at the bottom and top, where the microwave was built.

The central part is occupied by a countertop equipped with a hob and its corresponding extractor hood. The right front, open to the livingroom, is occupied by a new countertop with the sink and can be used as a breakfast bar. With this house renovation, a functional kitchen has been achieved that offers excellent mobility.

Renovated bathrooms

Another of the improvements carried out in this house renovation in Barcelona has been the complete renovation of the bathrooms. The two bathrooms with which the house has a modern sanitary equipment and ready to offer the best benefits. It consists of a washbasin with built-in storage, a toilet and a shower tray.

It has also changed the image of the bathrooms. As in the rest of the house, it has opted for a contemporary and welcoming style. The walls have been tiled with white tiles, allowing light to expand to each corner. However, some walls have also used hydraulic type tiles, something that adds a lot of color and personality to these bathrooms.

House renovations in Barcelona

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