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House renovation in Ronda General Mitre

A new house renovation work takes us to a flat located in the Ronda General Mitre in Barcelona. We have taken it upon ourselves to improve all its aspects, from the image to the facilities. We are able to adapt to all kinds of demands and offer the best options for your house renovation.

Our catalog for interior renovations is wide and varied. This time we opted for a family flat with cozy spaces. That’s why we enhanced key features through an interior design project. Before commenting on all the improvements of this renovation in Barcelona, we share the result in the following video.

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New interior design

One of the first steps in this house renovation has been to establish the new interior design. That’s why our team of interior designers in Barcelona has worked on the basis of the owners’ instructions. In this apartment, we wanted to achieve a familiar and welcoming atmosphere in each of its spaces, both common and personal.

In this way we have enhanced the brightness and the visual breadth by using neutral tones to paint the walls. We used the color white, the best option to make the most of natural light. Both the living room and the bedrooms have a window that allows you to enjoy outside light all day.

Another novelty in the interior image of this floor is the pavement. We changed the original for a parquet floor in natural wood tones. It is a perfect visual combination and a very practical option. It is a resistant and durable material, ideal for a family apartment with more than two members.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is located in a separate room and is divided into two areas. Just to the right of the entrance we find a custom-made hole to integrate the fridge and a counter. It functions as a complementary space that provides more support and work surface. In addition, at the bottom it has cabinets for kitchen storage.

On the left side we have the main L-shaped kitchen furniture. The first section of counter is the smallest, although it is enough to be equipped with a sink. The counter curves to the right and gives way to a second, longer section. It has a large support surface, in addition to being equipped with a glass ceramic plate.

On either side there are cupboards and drawers for storage both above and below. In fact, in the latter there are two custom-made holes to integrate the oven and the dishwasher. As for the image, this kitchen renovation maintains the neutral design of the rest of the house. We put in a white kitchen cabinet and a gray tiled floor.

Modern bathrooms

This apartment has two bathrooms, one courtesy and the bathroom suite. For both cases we have opted for a modern design and provide it with a functional use. Our bathroom renovation catalog is very varied and we have all kinds of sanitary ware. In this way we can adapt to all kinds of style and requests.

The new sanitary equipment is the same in both bathroom renovations. Each has a new toilet with built-in storage furniture. This way we can ensure a correct organization for all hygiene products. It is accompanied by a classic style toilet with the cistern at the back and a water area.

In the two cleaning areas we have installed a shower tray protected by screens. As a curiosity, the shower in the bathroom suite is double and hidden. The new toilets are accompanied by a contemporary design like the rest of the house. We tiled the walls with beige tiles, the same shade as the bathroom tiles.

House renovation budget

If the time has come to apply some improvement to your home, you can call us on 93 209 97 17. We will attend to your requests to make you a personalized and tailor-made project. We will give it to you without obligation together with a detailed renovation budget adjusted to your needs.