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House renovation in Ronda Guinardó in Barcelona

A new house renovation completed takes us to the Ronda Guinardó in Barcelona. There our team has been responsible for improving both the image and the equipment of the house. A personalized and tailor-made work for the owners. They now have a home ready to offer and guarantee the best benefits.

Like all the house renovations we carry out, we have shared the result on our Youtube channel. In the video you can see the general finishes achieved in each of the rooms. The result is a modern-looking home that brings advantages and functionality.

Open kitchen renovation

This time we have worked on the renovation of an open kitchen. For the disposition of the new elements it has bet by a distribution to two fronts. On the right side, the open one, a large worktop equipped with a ceramic hob has been placed. This is accompanied by an extractor hood that descends from the ceiling. At the bottom it has several cabinets that provide storage capacity.

If we move to the left we see a new worktop, this time equipped with a sink. In turn, it provides a large area of support and work. At the end, custom-made holes have been arranged to integrate the new appliances. Specifically oven, microwave and refrigerator. Both the bottom and top of the countertop has storage capacity in the kitchen.

Bathroom renovation

Another of the improved spaces in this house renovation in Barcelona is the bathroom. After the installation work, it has new sanitary equipment. It consists of a washbasin with a two-drawer cabinet, a toilet and a white shower tray. In general a functional bathroom ready to offer the best features.

As for the interior design of the room, the overall housing has been maintained. The walls have been completely tiled with beige rectangular tiles. A similar shade has been used on the new floor tiles. A stay has been achieved that generates a lot of light and a feeling of spaciousness.

New interior design

This house renovation project also includes an improvement and renovation of the interior design. For the new image of this house has opted for a contemporary style design. The goal was to get cozy and warm stays, necessary attributes for a home. To obtain it, the walls have been painted in a soft shade of gray. This allows light to illuminate each space.

It is combined with a new floor. In this plot, a parquet floor in light shades of wood has been chosen. Visually it is a very successful option, as it fits with the new design. In terms of practice, the owners ensure a durable and resistant pavement with easy maintenance.

House renovation in Barcelona

With Grupo Inventia you will make your home look and have everything you need. We work with a wide range of options and our house renovation projects adapt to all styles and budgets. To request it you can fill out this form or call us at 93 209 97 17.