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House renovation in Rubí

We recently completed a new house renovation work on housing in the town of Rubí. We carried out improvements in the image and in the equipment of all rooms.

Before reviewing the most outstanding details of the work carried out by Grupo Inventia, we share a video where you can see the general finishes that were achieved.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is open and is distributed in the form of a U. The right part is occupied by a countertop that works as a kitchen bar and offers a wide area of support and work. The counter turns to the left and gives way to a second section. It is equipped with a ceramic hob and a built-in oven at the bottom.

This part of the kitchen renovation has storage capacity both in its lower part and higher. On the left side there is a new board equipped with a sink. Already in the end the refrigerator was fitted.

The kitchen presents an image with a contemporary style. The lower part of the piece of furniture is white, while the upper part is finished in wood. This is combined with the parquet floor installed and that was placed in the vast majority of the home.

Bathrooms renovation

It consists of two three-piece bathroom rooms that offer the best features and functionality in their use. The two bathroom renovations feature a built-in wash basin, perfect for organizing hygiene products, a suspended toilet and a walk-in shower.

In this bathrooms renovation, he opted for a cozy and warm image. For this the white color and wood finishes were combined. These are located in the tile at half height of the walls and on the floor tiles that were placed.

House renovation Grupo Inventia

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