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House renovation in Sant Just Desvern

A new work of house renovation takes us to the town of Sant Just Desvern. Our team has been responsible for completely renovating the image and equipment aspects of this house. At the house renovation company Grupo Inventia, we are in charge of carrying out housing renovation projects both in Barcelona city and in nearby towns.

Like all the house renovations we carry out this one in Sant Just Desvern has been executed based on the tastes and needs of the owners. Thanks to the wide range of materials we work with and our ability to adapt, we can make custom home renovations.

To request your project plus a house renovation budget, you can call us on 93 209 97 17. One of our professionals will take care of you personally and solve all your doubts. Your home can look as perfect as the one shown in the following video. To know more completed works we invite you to follow us on social media.

Interior design with personality

One of the improvements that have been made in this house renovation is to improve the image of the home. This time different decorations have been used in the different spaces of the house. However, everything is embedded in a contemporary interior design that generates a pleasant feeling of home.

Based on this, our department of interior design in Barcelona has worked to generate bright and spacious spaces. Taking advantage of the large entrances of natural light, the walls have been painted in neutral tones to achieve this. In this way the walls of the living room are beige or in the bedrooms the white is combined with shades of blue and gray.

One of the elements that is maintained in all spaces is the new pavement. A light wood parquet floor has been laid. Even on the steps of the stairs that connect the floors of the house. In this section, the countertop that has been used stands out, as it is made of a very colorful and colorful tile.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is another space that has been improved with the house renovation. It is open concept and is distributed in a U-shape. Now the kitchen offers perfect mobility and the new elements are located in a functional space. It also has enough space to place an area with a table and several chairs.

On the right side we have the main worktop section. It provides a large support and work surface and also has a sink. The worktop twists to the right and gives way to a second section. The ceramic hob has been installed and has storage space at the bottom.

On the left side of this kitchen renovation, a high kitchen cabinet with custom-made openings has been enabled to integrate the new appliances. Specifically there is space for an oven, a microwave and a refrigerator. All of them are presented in a stainless steel finish that contrasts very well with the black color of the kitchen furniture and the white countertops.

New modern bathrooms

The bathrooms in the house have also been improved in appearance and now have new sanitary ware. They are all ready to offer the best services from day one. As specialists in bathroom renovations we have an extensive catalog with which we can offer everything you need to make it to your liking.

The new design of the bathrooms is like the rest of the house: very bright and visually spacious. The walls have been tiled with white tiles in different finishes. While in one bathroom they are meter type tiles in the other they are presented with a design that simulates marble. The new pavement is made of gray hexagonal tiles.

As for the new sanitary equipment, each bathroom has a washbasin with storage capacity at the bottom. Also with a floating toilet that helps to generate more visual space and a water area. This last element also presents differences, since in one the space of the bathtub has been maintained and in the other a shower tray has been placed.

House renovation budget

For Grupo Inventia, each house renovation project is unique and is treated in a personalized way. Our experience in the sector allows us to adapt to all decorative styles. We offer the best qualities on the market at a price that meets all budgets. Our professionals will work so that the result of your house renovation is successful and has everything you need.