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House renovation in Sant Marius street in Barcelona

We have completed a new project of house renovation in Barcelona. This time we have completely renovated a duplex apartment on Sant Marius street. We have taken care of applying a new interior design and updating all the facilities of the house. It is now ready to function as a real home.

We share the results of this renovation in Barcelona in the following video. This way you can appreciate all the improvements made in more detail. Follow us on social media and know all our projects. We upload new content every day and it is also a contact portal to request information or a reform quote.

Open kitchen renovation

The new kitchen has an open concept and is distributed in a U-shape. On the left side, a kitchen cabinet has been placed in which the new appliances have been integrated. There is space for a fridge, microwave and oven. From there, a three-section countertop is born that provides a lot of support and work surface.

In the first section, the sink has been placed, just below the window facing the outside. In the second, the ceramic hob has been installed. The countertop twists to the right to make way for the third section that serves as a breakfast bar. All this is connected by a white kitchen cabinet that has a large storage capacity.

New bathrooms

We have also completely renovated the two bathrooms in the house. Each of them needed an upgrade in order to offer the best features. After the bathroom renovation, they are now functional spaces that adapt to all types of needs. At Grupo Inventia we have a wide range of options, finding your bathroom is very easy.

In each bathroom renovation, three new sanitary ware have been installed. The first of these is the sink. In both cases it is a floating washbasin that has storage space at the bottom. They are accompanied by a modern-style toilet with a cistern on the back and a water area with shower trays. In both cases it is protected by sliding door partitions.

For the new image of the bathrooms, a contemporary design has been used to generate bright and pleasant spaces. In one of the bathrooms the walls have been tiled with gray tiles, while the walls in the other have been tiled with white beveled tiles. For both cases the final image is modern and current.

Interior improvement

Our team has also been responsible for applying a new interior design in all areas of the home. For this, neutral tones have been used to generate greater visual amplitude and brightness. Specifically, the walls have been painted white and allow natural light to flow to every corner of the house.

In this case the new doors and sockets are also white and integrate wonderfully into the new environments. The entire pavement has also been changed to one more in line with the intended design. Specifically, a parquet floor in natural wood tones has been chosen. This generates warmth, which is ideal in places like the living room or bedrooms.

Being a duplex apartment has interior stairs that connect the two floors. We have rehabilitated them so that they comply with all safety regulations. At Grupo Inventia we have highly qualified staff. Now the spiral staircases offer perfect stability thanks to an iron structure.

House renovation budget

When you contact Grupo Inventia we put at your disposal the best professionals in the sector of house renovation and interior design. The advice is constant and direct for you to get the home you want. You can call us on 93 209 97 17 and request your renovation quote without obligation.