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House renovation in Santa Carolina street in Barcelona

We have renovated a new house in the city of Barcelona. On this occasion we have taken charge of the flat renovation located in Calle Santa Carolina. It is a flat with an open space that includes a kitchen and living room. It also has a bathroom and bedroom.

Our job has been to adapt it to current needs and provide it with excellent functionality. For this we have worked on improving its image, facilities and equipment. Before reviewing the most outstanding details of this renovation in Barcelona, ​​we share the following video. We show the finishes achieved and how it has become a modern and functional apartment.

As a renovation company in Barcelona and nearby, we take care of getting everything you need for your new home. As in this floor, we can also prepare your project and budget to measure. Request it by calling 93 209 97 17 and we will deliver it to you without obligation.

Open kitchen

In this kitchen renovation, a linear kitchen option has been chosen. The different elements of the new equipment are integrated into the kitchen furniture. It has a worktop with a support surface and equipped with a glass ceramic plate and a single sink. In addition, it has storage capacity in both the lower and upper areas.

Precisely in those parts of the kitchen furniture the new appliances have been integrated. The oven and dishwasher have been installed in the lower part, while the microwave is in the upper part. The refrigerator is located on the right side of the kitchen integrated in a separate module.

Being experts in kitchen renovations, we offer a wide variety of possibilities. In this project, a black kitchen unit has been chosen that integrates very well with the rest of the house. Despite being an open kitchen, the area is very well defined thanks to the colors chosen. The stainless steel finish of the appliances provides an elegant touch.

Functional bathroom

We have also completely renovated the toilet and hygiene area. We have not been in charge of equipping a bathroom with the necessary equipment to be highly functional. In this sense we work with proven brands and trusted distributors. We can guarantee the quality and durability of your new sanitary ware.

In this way, the bathroom renovation has a toilet with storage furniture, a toilet and a shower tray. Complete sanitary equipment that meets daily needs. The space between the new toilet and the entrance door has also been used to place a custom-made washing machine.

In the same way, we have been responsible for updating the image of the bathroom. An interior design in line with the overall interior design of the home has been chosen. The walls have been fully tiled with soft beige tiles. We have also placed new tiles on the floor in a brown tone. The combination creates a cozy and warm atmosphere in the bathroom.

Interior designer in Barcelona

In our renovation company we have a department specialized in interior design. It is made up of expert interior designers who will advise you throughout the whole process of the house renovation. From the accompaniment to show romos to choose the materials to personalized inquiries about what you need.

It has been worked on the basis of a contemporary interior design, giving prominence to neutral tones. The walls have been painted with a soft shade of gray that creates a very pleasant and bright environment. In addition, it combines very well with the new white doors, as it highlights them.

Laminate flooring in natural wood tones has been chosen for the new floor. It is a very good choice, since it generates a feeling of warmth. For space like the living room or the bedroom it is excellent. We have also ordered some furniture such as the sofa, the TV stand and a dining room table.

House renovation budget

If it’s time to update your home, contact us. We prepare a personalized project tailored to your budget. We will have it ready in a few days and include floor plans, 3D renderings and a detailed list of features. We deliver everything to you without any commitment.