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House renovation in Santa Coloma de Cervelló

Our house renovations team has been responsible for carrying out a renovation in Santa Coloma de Cervelló. A very complete job that has involved both renovation and redistribution projects and interior design. After this house renovation, a real home has been achieved, ready to offer the best services.

For this occasion we have not worked in Barcelona city, but we have moved. In Grupo Inventia we are also in charge of house renovation projects in localities close to the capital. So if you want to request your renovation budget you can do so by calling 93 209 97 17. We give it to you at no cost or commitment, like all the steps that are taken before starting the works.

In the previous video we have shown you the finishes of this renovation in Santa Coloma de Cervelló. As you can see the work of our team has been impeccable and all established guidelines have been followed. Like each of the projects we do has been customized and tailored to the owners. Our versatility as a renovation company allows us to offer the best options for each home space.

New interior image

One of the points to be improved in this work of house renovation was the one of the inner image of all the house. Our interior design department has worked based on the tastes and needs of the homeowners. In this way a new contemporary interior design has been printed.

Neutral shades have been used to paint most of the walls. In this way it has been possible to create very bright spaces and a welcoming atmosphere. Definitely two essential features for a home. Some exposed brick walls have also been restored. It is a decorative element that if you know how to fit into the overall image is spectacular. It can be seen in the livingroom and the master bedroom.

The access doors to all rooms have also been changed. They are now white doors and help to generate a current image of the entire home. Obviously the entire pavement has been renovated. In this plot a parquet floor in natural wood tones has been chosen. The feeling of warmth it transmits is spectacular.

Kitchen renovation

This time the kitchen is open and is distributed in an L-shape. However, it has a large kitchen island that makes it much more practical and functional. This island is located in the center of space and has been equipped with a ceramic hob. In addition it provides a large support surface and can also be used as a kitchen bar for breakfast.

On the left side has been placed a large black kitchen cabinet. It has integrated several of the new appliances of this kitchen renovation. Specifically the oven, microwave and refrigerator, which is two-door. It also has several cabinets that generate a large storage capacity.

A section of worktop with the sink has already been placed on the right side. In addition, it generates more support and work surface in the kitchen. Another practical point in this space is that the bottom and top have been used to provide storage space. Several drawers and cabinets allow a perfect organization in this kitchen renovation.

New bathrooms

Other rooms that have been greatly improved in this house renovation are the two bathrooms in the house. Now each of them has the necessary medical equipment to offer the best services at all times. Each bathroom has a sink with built-in storage furniture and a toilet. They are accompanied by a practical shower tray protected by a transparent screen.

For the new interior design in both bathrooms, a very similar image has been chosen. The goal was to get two rooms with a nice atmosphere with lots of light and a feeling of spaciousness. These are essential features in rooms for daily use that must offer a pleasant environment.

The walls have been tiled with white tiles. From the beginning, you allow the light to extend to every corner of the bathroom and accept other types of finishes very well. For example, washbasin furniture is presented in a beautiful wood finish. The pavement has also been renovated, where a hydraulic type floor has been chosen. Visually it is perfect and practical as well, as it is an ideal surface for a space such as the bathroom.

House renovation budget without commitment

At Grupo Inventia we are committed to making your house renovation a resounding success. Our years of experience in the sector and the great results obtained allow us to state it categorically. If you need any information, contact with us directly via WhatsApp. Find the call icon in the upper right on this same website.