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House renovation in Santa Coloma de Gramanet

In addition to actively working in Barcelona city, we also carry out house renovation projects in nearby towns. This is the case of the house that we have completely renovated in Santa Coloma de Gramanet. In this house renovation, improvements have been made to both the interior design of your rooms and all facilities.

A very complete project that has resulted in a highly functional house that works like a real home. The finishes of the comprehensive reform can be seen in the following video that we have uploaded to our Youtube channel. Follow us on our social networks and don’t miss any of our projects.

You can contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 or writing us a WhatsAap, you will find the icon in the upper right corner of this website. We will draw up a reform project and a personalized budget based on your tastes and needs. We will deliver both documents to you at no cost or commitment.

Kitchen renovation

In this project we have been responsible for a complete kitchen renovation. This is an open kitchen with a kitchen island. This works as a breakfast bar and complements the main worktop by providing more support and work surface. It also generates more storage capacity at the bottom.

Right in front has been placed the main kitchen cabinet which has a linear shape. At the far left, custom-made holes have been arranged to integrate various appliances. Specifically the refrigerator, oven and microwave. Then a countertop is born that reaches the other end of the kitchen.

A ceramic hob and a one-sin sink have been installed on it. It also has several drawers and storage cabinets in its upper and lower area. Precisely in the latter has also been integrated a dishwasher. In general, a functional kitchen has been achieved and guarantees the best features.

Bathroom renovation

In this house renovation in Santa Coloma, a total of three bathrooms have been renovated. Specifically two full bathrooms and a toilet. The bathroom equipment consists of a washbasin with storage unit, a toilet and a shower tray. There are some differences between them, because in a bathroom a bathroom is added, the bidet.

In both cases, a modern and contemporary image has been chosen, giving prominence to neutral tones. In this way they have achieved space of pleasant atmosphere, very important in stays of daily use. The walls have been tiled with white tiles of different finishes. They generate luminosity and amplitude. On the new floor they do match and now have tiles that mimic parquet.

For its part, the toilet works as an excellent complement to daily hygiene. A functional space equipped with a sink with storage cabinet and a toilet with hidden cistern. The walls have been tiled at half height with white beveled tiles and the rest of the wall has been painted blue. A very Mediterranean image.

New interior design

One of the points to improve in this house renovation was the image of the whole house. We have worked on an interior design project based on a contemporary style with a very effective result. As it is a house with several floors, an attempt has been made to homogenize the global image and in each of them the same parameters have been followed.

The walls have been painted in a soft beige tone. A great success as very bright and visually spacious spaces have been achieved. In this way, the new doors that have been installed also stand out. In this sense, white doors with relief have been chosen. A very interesting mix of modern and rustic styles.

Another element that we have taken care of to improve is the pavement of all the plants of the house. For this, a parquet floor in natural wood tones has been chosen. It fits perfectly with the overall image of the home and generates a feeling of warmth suitable for any home. Wooden are also the stairs that connect each floor of the house, whose protection is a steel railing.

House renovation project

Grupo Inventia we make sure that the ideas you have for your new home become a reality. Our professionals will work on a customized project based on your tastes and needs. Always adapting to your budget and without sacrificing the best qualities of the market.

Our years of experience allow us to guarantee the best result in your flat or house renovation. Contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 or write to us at We deliver your renovation project for free and without any commitment.