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House renovation in Sitges: before and after

At Grupo Inventia we take care of house renovations both in Barcelona city and in nearby towns. Precisely one of the last projects we have completed takes us to Sitges. It has been a complete house renovation in which the whole house has been updated. It now has a more current look and ideal equipment.

In the following video we compare the before and after of this apartment renovation project in Sitges. The improvement in interior design and distribution of spaces is remarkable and has become a perfect apartment for both daily and holiday periods. To know more work done we invite you to follow us on social media, we update content daily.

Kitchen renovation

Over the years we have specialized in kitchen renovations. We offer personalized kitchens with unique details. Our suppliers and materials are genuine and contrasted by the market. In turn, we adapt to your budget without sacrificing the best qualities for your kitchen.

This kitchen renovation in Sitges has remained in its original location, but there have been many changes. A new white kitchen cabinet has been installed which adds a modern and linear image to the kitchen. This leaves behind a classic image with granite countertops and modular furniture.

Now both the main piece of furniture and the kitchen island respond to the same linear design. Storage capacity in the kitchen has also been expanded. It has cabinets and drawers in both the lower and upper areas of the countertops. In turn, the new appliances have been integrated into the far left. The result is a kitchen renovation ready to offer the best features.

New bathrooms

The bathrooms have also been renovated in all respects. They now look modern and have a complete and functional medical equipment. Our offer for bathroom renovations is wide and we can adapt to any need. In these cases, three-piece bathrooms have been chosen.

Each of these bathrooms has a washbasin with built-in storage, a new toilet and a water area with a shower tray. This way the bathrooms are ready for any need at all times. The new medical equipment can cope with both the day to day and the most relaxed moments.

The image has also been renewed in this bathroom renovation. This is in conjunction with the overall design and a homogeneous image can be generated. The original brown tiles have been replaced with gray tiles similar to the new pavement. The change in feel is obvious, as the bathrooms are now cooler and more cozy.

Design in neutral tones

The general interior design of the house has also been renewed by one more in line with today. The walls have been repaired and painting work has been done to apply a contemporary image. The new color of the walls is a soft shade of beige that creates bright and visually spacious spaces.

Another change has been the access doors to the bedrooms or bathrooms. The originals were finished in wood and have been replaced by white doors. They fit very well with the new image and bring modernity to the new interior design. White has also been chosen for the door sills and door frames.

We have also taken care of changing and installing a new pavement. This house originally combined stoneware and parquet floors. A light wood parquet floor has now been laid. We see it in the bedrooms, the hallway and in the area that groups the livingroom, diningroom and kitchen.

House renovation budget in Sitges

At Grupo Inventia we provide personalized advice throughout the period of your house renovation. You will always be up to date on the improvements we are applying to your new home. To request a renovation quote you can call us on 93 209 97 17. In less than a week we will have it ready and we will deliver it without obligation.