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House renovation in Sugranyes street in Barcelona

The list of house renovations completed continues to grow. This time in Grupo Inventia we have been responsible for completely renovating a house located on Sugranyes street in Barcelona. As in any house renovation, it has involved an improvement in both the interior design and the equipment of certain rooms.

The improvements made in this new house renovation in Barcelona can be seen in the following video. If you want to see more work from our house renovation company we invite you to visit our Youtube channel.

Interior design

The most important point when establishing a renovation of interior design of a home is to define the style. In this house renovation, a contemporary style has been chosen, suitable for any type of decoration. The walls have been painted a soft shade of gray. It is a perfect color to generate very bright and visually spacious spaces.

In turn, this gray color of the walls makes white plinths and doors stand out. As an ideal complement to this contemporary interior design, a laminate parquet floor in medium wood tones has been placed. It is a perfect option both visually and practically, as its maintenance is simple.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen has been another of the spaces that have been completely renovated in this house renovation. It is located in a room of its own and very spacious. So much so that there is enough space to have an office area. In fact, on the left side of this kitchen, a countertop can be displayed on the wall. This can serve as an extra support surface or as a breakfast bar.

For its part, the kitchen furniture is L-shaped. At the far right is the refrigerator, which is camouflaged by cabinet doors. Then a countertop is born that quickly twists to the left to make way for the main countertop. On this road we find a sink and a ceramic hob. The kitchen renovation also has an oven and microwave, built into the lower and upper areas of the countertop.

Bathroom renovation

In this new work of house renovation in Barcelona, two bathrooms have been completely renovated. Although they are rooms of different sizes, in both bathroom renovations the same bathrooms have been installed. The new equipment consists of washbasin with bathroom furniture, toilet and shower tray protected with partitions.

The walls of the bathrooms have been tiled using white tiles. This has achieved a very fresh and pleasant image. Two essential features for a space for daily use. A hydraulic type floor has been placed in both bathrooms. The drawings add a lot of personality to the room and its surface is perfect to keep without too much effort.

House renovations in Barcelona

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