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House renovation in Tavern street of Barcelona

New house renovation completed in the city of Barcelona. On this occasion Grupo Inventia‘s team moved to completely renovate a flat on the Tavern street. In general we managed to print a contemporary style in all its rooms, generating a sensation of amplitude and luminosity. In turn, and as you can see in the following video, we renovate the equipment of several rooms.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is located in an own room that has a large entrance of natural light. This, coupled with the white color of the kitchen cabinet, generates more sensation of breadth, making it a perfect place to cook as well as to place an office area and receive visits.

A L-shaped distribution was used, and it was able to provide a lot of functionality when it came to using each element. At the end of the right side, the appliances were fitted with a refrigerator, which is hidden behind a closet door, an oven and a microwave. Next, the first section of the countertop was born, which was equipped with a ceramic hob.

The counter turns to the left to make way for a second section. This, in addition to offering more surface support, has an individual sink. Also worth mentioning in this kitchen renovation that has a large storage capacity with drawers and cabinets along the lower part of the kitchen counter and in several sections of the superior.

Bathroom renovation

The new image of the bathroom stands out as a bold image that contributes to generating room and luminosity in the room. The walls and the floor were completely tiled with white tiles, creating a homogeneous retro style image throughout the room.

In turn, the sanitary equipment was also renewed with a new washbasin, toilet and work shower. It should be noted that both the bathroom furniture and the shower tap are white, like the rest sanitary elements.

House renovation in Barcelona

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