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House renovation in Torns street of Barcelona

A new job joins the list of house renovations in Barcelona completed. Our interior design and remodeling team moved to Torns street to completely renovate this home, printing a new look and equipping the livingrooms like the kitchen and bathroom.

In addition, the bedrooms and the livingroom and diningroom were also furnished. As for the furniture, some stools were placed on the kitchen island. You can see all the improvements made in this house renovation in this video.

Kitchen renovation

This is an open kitchen distributed on two fronts. One of them is the kitchen island, which has a support and work surface and can also be used as a breakfast bar. In addition, this has been the place chosen to place the sink. The lower area has cabinets that extend the storage space in the kitchen.

On the other end, appliances, oven, microwave and fridge camouflaged by the kitchen furniture doors have been embedded in the far end. This is followed by a stretch of tile that has been fitted with a modern ceramic hob. Both lower and upper cabinets and drawers are available for storage.

Bathrooms renovation

The house has two bathrooms in which the same interior design has been used for its new image. The walls have been tiled to a medium height with white bevelled tiles and a hydraulic type floor has been installed. These light and airy bathrooms also feature wooden finishes, specifically sink furniture.

For the healthcare equipment, we have opted for functional, ready made three piece bathrooms to offer the best performance in their use. Thus, in each bathroom renovation, a sink with built-in storage furniture and a shower tray that is protected by sliding door bulkheads have been installed.

House renovation in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia we offer a house renovation project tailored to your needs and budget. To request it you can call us directly at 93 209 97 17, one of our experts will attend you and explain all the services we offer.