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House renovation in Villarroel street of Barcelona

Finish a new house renovation in Barcelona. This time we moved to Villarroel street. There we have been responsible for renewing and improving both the image of all spaces and the equipment of key rooms such as the kitchen and bathrooms. In short, a perfect new job by our interior design and house renovation departments.

In the following video we share the general finishes of this house renovation. Now the home offers all the comforts of home. Cozy spaces and functional rooms. In our Youtube channel you can see more house renovations that we have made. At Grupo Inventia we work both in Barcelona city and in nearby towns.

Kitchen renovation

We find a kitchen open to the livingroom and distributed linearly. It has been chosen given the characteristics of the space and the needs of the owners. Now every new kitchen element is located in a perfect place to offer maximum functionality. At the far left, custom-made holes have been arranged to integrate the appliances. Specifically refrigerator, oven and microwave.

Then an elongated countertop appears. A ceramic hob and an integrated sink have been installed on it. Both at the bottom and top there are drawers and storage cabinets. A white kitchen furniture that follows the general decorative line. Another novelty in this kitchen renovation is the pavement. A hydraulic type floor has been placed that visually delimits the kitchen space.

Bathroom renovation

Other rooms completely renovated in this house renovation are the bathrooms. Each of them has been fully equipped with three sanitary pieces ready to offer the best benefits. The sinks are spacious and have two drawers for storage in the lower area. They also have a toilet and a shower tray. The latter element is protected by sliding door partitions.

For its new image, neutral tones have been chosen, a perfect option for cozy spaces. The walls have been completely tiled with beige tiles, the same as the floor tiles. In this way, other finishes have been introduced, such as the white finish of the washbasin cabinet.

New interior design

In general, this house renovation in Barcelona has involved work in interior design. The image of all its spaces has been renewed to end up looking like a modern and current image. The walls of the living room, bedrooms or hallway have been painted white. This ensures that natural light reaches every corner and very cozy spaces are achieved.

The new doors are added, also white. An imitation parquet ceramic floor has been chosen for the pavement. Visually it is a perfect combination, very contemporary, and it is also a resistant and durable material. Original elements have also been maintained in this house renovation. The most outstanding is the volta catalana ceiling of the livingroom.

House renovation in Barcelona

With Grupo Inventia you will have the best professionals in the sector of house renovations. We offer tailor-made and customized projects, we adapt to all styles and budgets. To request yours you can call us at 93 209 97 17 or fill out this form. We will deliver your project and renovation budget at no cost or commitment.