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House renovations in Badalona

A new completed house renovation work takes us to the town of Badalona. We have been in charge of improving the interior design and equipment of this home. On this occasion our mission has been to convert a flat with several deficiencies into a space that functions as a true home.

Thanks to the experience and versatility of our professionals, we have been able to improve the demands of the owners. We can also offer the guarantee of working with recognized brands and trusted suppliers. A house renovations of Grupo Inventia ensures efficiency and durability.

In addition to working in Barcelona city, we also travel to nearby towns. Thanks to this we can carry out house renovations in Badalona. We share the result of this new work in the following video. Follow us on social networks to know all our house renovations.

Modern interior design

One of the first steps to define is the new interior design of the home. In this project, a contemporary interior design with neutral tones and wood finishes has been used. Thanks to this combination, very bright and visually spacious spaces have been achieved.

In this way, you can breathe a very cozy atmosphere in all the spaces. The living room is the perfect space to relax as a family and socialize with visitors. On the other hand, the combination of neutral tones in the bedrooms makes them the perfect space for rest. In them, other vivid colors have also been used to paint the walls.

Now this Badalona apartment has a parquet floor in natural wood tones. It is a finish that provides a greater feeling of warmth in all areas. Other elements such as the doors and windows have also been changed. Now the doors are white and contribute to generating a modern image.

U-shaped kitchen

The kitchen is located in its own room and has a very large surface area. For this kitchen renovation we have used a U-shaped distribution. Now each element is placed in the perfect place to be more functional. We have also managed to generate greater mobility throughout the kitchen.

On the left side, custom-made holes have been left to integrate various household appliances. Specifically a fridge, a microwave and an oven. Next, a countertop is born that functions as a support surface. The new glass ceramic plate has been installed on the central worktop.

The right side is occupied by a worktop that runs from end to end of the kitchen. It has a sink and expands the support and work surface. Another improvement of this kitchen renovation is the expansion of the storage capacity. Both in the lower and upper part there are several drawers and cupboards for it.

Functional bathroom

Our house renovations are characterized by being a complete home improvement project. In this way, we have also taken care of the bathroom renovation, both in its interior design and in its sanitary equipment. In this sense, we have a wide and varied catalog to get the perfect bathroom.

The bathroom is accessed through a sliding door and has three sanitary pieces. We have installed a toilet with storage furniture, a floating toilet and a water area. For this last element we have chosen a shower tray that is ready to offer the best performance at all times.

For the new image of this bathroom renovation, the general interior design of the house has been followed. A contemporary interior design that generates light and spaciousness. The walls have been completely tiled with white beveled tiles. A new tiled floor with a hydraulic style design has also been installed.

Custom house renovations

We offer you a customized house renovation project tailored to your needs. Request your estimate by calling 93 209 97 17. We prepare it in less than a week and deliver it to you without any commitment.