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House renovations in Barcelona: Avinguda Meridiana

We are adding a new project to our completed house renovations. On this occasion we have moved to a flat located on Avinguda Meridiana in Barcelona. It has been a very complete work of house renovation. We have improved both the interior design section and the installation and equipment section.

The experience of our professionals allows us to adapt to all types of house renovations. We can work with any decorative style and also adjust to each client’s budget. All this offering the best qualities on the market. We only work with trusted suppliers and proven brands.

The objective of our house renovations in Barcelona is to achieve the good results that we show in the following video. Now this flat on Avinguda Meridiana has everything needed to function as a real home. Each of its spaces is prepared to offer the best performance.

Interior design in Barcelona

The first points discussed with clients are the new layout of the home and the new image they want it to have. In this way, our interior designers in Barcelona can make 3D renderings that bring the owners closer to the final result. So everything is established before the start of the works and the rhythm of the reform is much more effective.

In this renovation in Barcelona, ​​a contemporary interior design has been applied. With this, it has been achieved that the spaces on this floor are bright and spacious. In addition, using neutral tones such as white, beige or gray creates a warm and very welcoming environment. This detail is very well appreciated in the bedrooms, in which an ideal environment for rest has been achieved.

New elements such as the pavement have also been installed. Now in the majority of rooms a ceramic floor imitating parquet has been placed. It is an image that enhances this feeling of warmth even more. In the same way, all the doors and windows have also been changed.

Open kitchen renovation

The new kitchen is open concept and has a linear distribution, although it also has a kitchen bar. This expands the support and work surface and creates a perfect space for quick meals or coffee. Below this kitchen bar there are cupboards for storage as in the main unit.

The kitchen furniture combines two colors. White in the lower part, in which the dishwasher has been integrated, and finished in wood in the upper cabinets. In the high modules of the kitchen, custom-made holes have also been left to integrate the microwave. On the other hand, the refrigerator is integrated into the far left corner of the kitchen cabinet.

The worktop is elongated and has a single sink and a modern glass ceramic plate. This kitchen renovation is accompanied by a gallery which is accessed through a sliding door. The washing machine, the dryer and a cupboard that can be used as a pantry have been placed in this space.

New bathrooms

The house renovations we carry out are characterized by the fact that we take care of all aspects to improve. In this case, we have also improved the two bathrooms that this apartment has in Avinguda Meridiana. Now they have a modern image and functional sanitary equipment.

For the design of the bathrooms, different finishes have been used, although the same decorative line has been followed. The walls have been tiled with neutral-toned tiles and two spaces have been created with a very pleasant atmosphere. In one of the bathrooms a beige tone has been used and the other more grey.

In the equipment section in each bathroom renovation, three sanitary pieces have been installed. They consist of a bathroom with storage furniture, a toilet and a water area. For the latter, he opted for a shower tray protected by transparent screens.

Custon house renovations

In our house renovations company, we offer you a project according to your needs. Everything you need with the best quality and at the most competitive price in Barcelona. Contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 and ask for your renovation budget. In less than a week we will have it ready and deliver it to you without any obligation.