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House renovations in Castellar de Vallès

To carry out one of our last house renovations, we have traveled to the town of Catsellar del Vallès. In this location we have taken it upon ourselves to improve all the spaces of the family home. It now sports a contemporary image and has all the elements to offer the best performance.

Our house renovation company offers all its services both in the city of Barcelona and in nearby municipalities. This is why we can take care of projects os house renovation in Castellar del Vallès, Badalona, Terrassa, Sant Cugat and a long list of others. All of them personalized and tailored to each owner.

The finishes of this renovation in Castellar del Vallès are shared in the following video. You can find out about all our home improvement projects on our social networks. We update them every day with our own and real material. This way we show you directly which improvements we can apply to your home.

Kitchen renovations

Among the improvements of this house renovation in Castellar we find the kitchen. It is located in a very large space and is composed of L-shaped kitchen furniture. We find it on the left side of the kitchen renovation and it groups all the new elements to offer excellent mobility.

At the far right we have integrated several appliances. Specifically there is space for a double fridge, a microwave, an oven and a washing machine. Then comes the L-shaped desk that offers a large support and work surface. In this we have installed a single sink and a glass ceramic plate.

The counter turns to the left and gives way to a second counter that also doubles as a breakfast bar. Another important improvement in this kitchen renovation is to expand the storage capacity. Both in the lower and upper part there are drawers and cupboards to be able to store all kinds of kitchen items.

New bathrooms and toilet

In this renovation in Castellar del Vallès we have also taken on the task of improving two bathrooms and a toilet. Now this house has three hygiene spaces that complement each other perfectly and offer the best benefits. We used the same design and style of furniture to create a connection between the bathrooms.

Each bathroom renovation has a toilet with built-in storage furniture. In this way, all hygiene products can be easily organized. There is also a new toilet with modern lines and a shower tray. The water area is protected by screens with sliding doors. On the other hand, the bathroom has a sink and a toilet.

For the interior design of these bathroom renovations, we have chosen a contemporary style and have given prominence to neutral tones. We tiled the walls entirely with beige tiles and laid a similar toned tile floor. As a result we have three very bright and pleasant bathrooms.

New interior design and exterior renovation

Since it is a house renovation, we have also taken it upon ourselves to apply a new interior design to the whole house. We painted the walls white and set about laying a parquet floor in light wood tones. In this way, better use can be made of the entrances of natural light to enhance the luminosity and spaciousness of each space.

It is a multi-storey house and we have also taken care of restoring the internal stairs that connect them. We have laid black tile steps and placed a wooden railing that meets all safety requirements. In the same way, we have installed a spiral staircase with wooden steps that connect to the terrace. Now each is presented with a modern image and adaptable to various decorative styles.

In addition to the interior renovations, we have also applied improvements to the exterior of the house. A garden space that includes a terrace and swimming pool. We have taken it upon ourselves to adapt the space with exterior painting work and the laying of a new lawn. The outside of the house is ready to enjoy the summer.

House renovations budget

At Grupo Inventia, we are in charge of carrying out a tailor-made house renovation to improve everything you need. We prepare a renovation budget without commitment that you can request by calling 93 209 97 17.