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House renovations in Gavà: new image and equipment

In addition to working in Barcelona city, we are also in charge of house renovations in localities close to the capital. This is the case of this project that we have finished in the municipality of Gavà. We have been in charge of improving its interior image and renovating all its facilities.

Thanks to our range of services, we can apply as a house renovation company in Gavà and other localities close to Barcelona. If you want to renovate your home and you like our style, call us on 93 209 97 17. We have a team of experienced professionals who will advise you personally from day one.

In this house renovation in Marinada street in Gavà we have improved the interior design with painting work and the installation of new doors, windows and flooring. We have also renovated key spaces such as the kitchen and the bathroom. We share all these improvements on our social networks with videos and photos in detail.

Contemporary design

All our house renovations have a project to improve the interior design of all spaces. Our interior designers take note of the owners’ demands and translate them into realistic 3D renderings. This way you can see how the final result of the work will be and make any changes before starting the work.

In this apartment in Gavà we have applied a contemporary interior design with current finishes that generate very pleasant and welcoming environments. The walls are painted white and allow natural light to spread to all corners of the house. In turn, it enhances the feeling of spaciousness.

These are ideal characteristics for a modern home, as they generate a lot of well-being. The floor has also been changed to a parquet floor in natural wood tones. Thanks to this element, greater warmth is achieved in areas such as the living room and bedrooms. The new white doors are also essential to achieve a homogeneous and current image.

Open kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovations are one of our specialties and this time we have also improved it. It is an open kitchen with a distribution on two fronts. On the one hand, we have a kitchen bar that provides support and work surface. It also works as a breakfast bar.

On the right side is the main L-shaped kitchen furniture. A single sink and a three-burner hob have been installed on the worktops. Both in the upper and lower part there are cupboards to generate storage capacity in the kitchen. The microwave and the oven respectively have been installed here.

The kitchen expands its space with a second area equipped with a refrigerator and more cabinets that function as a pantry for organizing and storing food. The kitchen furniture is white and also uses wood finishes. It is perfectly integrated into the overall image of this house renovation in Gavà.

Modern and functional bathroom

One of the first novelties of the bathroom renovation is that it is accessed through a sliding door. In this way, the available space in the entire bathroom space is used to the maximum. Now this toilet area is fully equipped and offers the best performance at all times.

It is a three-piece bathroom composed of a sink with built-in storage furniture. The bathroom has several drawers that ensure a perfect space for organizing hygiene products. It also has a new toilet with a classic image and modern lines. Lastly, a protected shower with sliding doors has been installed in the water area.

Regarding the new image of this bathroom renovation, the decoration of the rest of the house has also been followed. The walls have been tiled with beige tiles that create a fresh atmosphere and enhance the brightness. Hydraulic type tiles have been used on the shower wall, adding a touch of dynamism to the new look of the bathroom.

Renovations in Gavà and neighborhoods

At Grupo Inventia we work so that your new home has everything you need. We take care of all the steps of a house renovation and give you personalized advice from day one. If you want to improve your home, you can fill out this request for a budget and we will contact you.