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House renovations in Badalona

One of the house renovations we had in the works has come to an end. On this occasion we have moved to Rivero street in Badalona to completely improve a house. We have taken care of everything, from the interior design project to the new installations. We have also carried out external renovation works.

We offer our services in house renovations both in Barcelona city and in nearby towns. This is the case of this new comprehensive reform in Badalona. All the improvements we have applied are shared in the following video. At the end of the post you can also enjoy a photo gallery with all the details of the work done.

To learn more about our house renovations, you can follow us on social networks. We update them daily with our own and real content. The last to arrive is this house in Badalona that now offers the best features in all its spaces. We have managed to turn an old house into a true contemporary home.

Interior design company

Among our services are all those that refer to the house renovation, including interior design. We have a specialized department for interior design in Barcelona and its surroundings. We prepare a personalized project based on the needs of each owner.

In this renovation in Badalona, ​​they opted for a modern design with a contemporary image. The objective has been to convert the spaces of this house into habitable and cozy areas for any situation. To achieve a familiar atmosphere, neutral tones have been used to paint the walls.

In addition to providing warmth, they also contribute to generating bright spaces and enhancing the feeling of spaciousness. Similarly, we have also restored some original elements. Among them, the wooden beam ceiling on the top floor stands out. We have also installed a new parquet imitation ceramic floor on all floors.

Linear kitchen

One of the most important and most moving spaces in a home is the kitchen. This house in Badalona has undergone a linear kitchen renovation and is located in the perfect location. The new kitchen is functional, fully equipped and offers excellent mobility.

New appliances have been integrated at the far right. Specifically, there is space for a refrigerator, an oven and a microwave. Then a worktop is born that extends to the other end of the kitchen. It is very spacious and offers a large surface area for support and work. In addition, it is equipped with a vitroceramic plate and a single sink.

All this through a piece of kitchen furniture that integrates perfectly into the general image of the home. In the lower part of the worktop it has several drawers with white panels. While in the upper part a series of wardrobes with wooden finish have been anchored.

Functional bathrooms

This house in Badalona has two bathrooms and a toilet. We have taken care of updating each one of them with a new image and modern sanitary equipment. Each bathroom has a sink with built-in storage, a floating toilet and a water area. In both cases it is a practical shower tray.

For its part, the toilet has a sink and a toilet. It functions as an extra hygiene space that is complemented by the two bathrooms. In this sense, we have managed to provide these bathroom renovations with the best current features. They respond both to daily needs and moments of relaxation.

The new image of this bathroom renovation follows the decorative line that we have applied in the rest of the house. The walls have been tiled with neutral colored tiles to create bright and spacious spaces. The environment that has been achieved is fresh and very modern compared to the original state.

Custom house renovations

If the time has come to improve your home, contact us and tell us what you need. We offer personalized advice and adapt to both your needs and your budget. Always offering materials of proven quality in the market. You can request your renovation budget by calling 93 209 97 17.