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House renovations in August

30 July, 2021 · Blog

At Grupo Inventia we know the importance of time in a house renovation project. This is a very important decision, renovating your home is something special. It is not just a matter of time to invest in the project, but the moments before it. Those in which key aspects for a house renovation are decided.

For these reasons at the house renovation company Grupo Inventia we continue to offer our services during the month of August. In other words, we remain open in a month that allows greater time flexibility to all those interested in carrying out a house renovation. It is usually difficult to combine working hours with the needs of a house renovation project. Many interested parties postpone the renovation of their home.

As seen in the previous video in Grupo Inventia we have a simple method to carry out house renovation. In general, our professionals will make sure that everything is as you want. You will have personalized advice and a direct line at any time you need it. The first step is to schedule a visit, free and without obligation. Call us on 93 209 97 17 and tell us what you want.

First steps in a house renovation

Having the necessary time in the steps prior to a house renovation is essential. Although it is not essential, having flexible hours allows us more leeway. Once you contact us, one of our technical architects will visit the home you want to renovate. A totally no-obligation visit.

At that time you can expose all the changes you want to make in your home. New design, distribution, floor change, doors, etc. The necessary notes will be taken to be able to elaborate a personalized and customized house renovation project. We travel both in Barcelona city and in nearby towns. If you access the “projects” tab of this same website you can see that our range is wide.

Once the visit is over, the data and measures taken will go to our interior design department. Our interior designers in Barcelona will start the house renovation project and will elaborate the new floor plans of the house and precise 3D renderings. With them you can see what the final result will be before starting the works.

cocina abierta
House renovation with open kitchen | Grupo Inventia

Interior design and choice of finishes

Many renovation companies charge a high cost for project development. At Grupo Inventia we deliver it to you free of charge and without obligation. It is also a custom project based on your tastes and needs. We treat each job as unique and discard prefabricated projects.

Another important point in 3D renderings is that any changes that are deemed appropriate can be made. In this way we avoid awkward situations and everything is established before the works begin. If the project is accepted now the different materials and finishes must be chosen.

reforma de baño
Bathroom renovation with modern image | Grupo Inventia

In Grupo Inventia you will find the element you need in your new home. Our range of possibilities is very wide and we adapt to all requirements. The versatility of our professionals allows us to work on any decorative style. We also adapt to all types of budgets, always offering the best quality on the market.

Specialists in kitchens and bathrooms

In addition to carrying out house renovation projects, we also take care of partial renovations. The most requested are those of kitchens and bathrooms. Given this demand we have specialized departments for each of these rooms. Experienced professionals will advise you personally. You can also choose from a wide variety of furniture and equipment.

cocinas barcelona
Linear kitchen renovation | Grupo Inventia

In the kitchen renovation sector we have exclusive suppliers and unique materials. Our experience allows us to guarantee that your kitchen will be a functional space and ready to be used from day one. When preparing the kitchen or bathroom renovation project, we follow the same steps mentioned. Nothing will be left uncovered and you will be able to see what the new image will look like before the works begin.

House renovations in Barcelona and surroundings

As you can see, the house renovation projects we carry out at Grupo Inventia offer the greatest facilities to homeowners who want to renovate their home. During the month of August we operate in the same way. To request your project plus renovation budget you can call us at 93 209 97 17 or write to As we have mentioned, it will not involve any cost or commitment.