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House renovations in Barcelona: Açores street

At Grupo Inventia we continue to complete house renovations in Barcelona. This time we have been responsible for renewing both the image and the equipment of this house located on the Açores street. The result of the joint work of our interior and construction department is that of a home according to the needs of the owners.

We carry out house renovations projects and budgets at no cost or commitment. You can request yours by filling out this form or by calling 93 209 97 17. Before commenting on some of the improvements made to this house renovations in Barcelona we share this video. In it you can see the general finishes that we go on to detail.

Kitchen renovation

We find a kitchen renovation open and distributed in a U-shape. Given its location this is the most appropriate and functional to make the most of available space. On the left side of the kitchen there is a large closet with custom holes to fit the appliances. These are the fridge, microwave and oven. In addition, this closet provides a large storage capacity for the kitchen.

The central part is occupied by a countertop equipped with a single sink. Both drawers and storage cabinets have been arranged at the bottom and top. On the right side, fully open, an elongated worktop has been placed which is equipped with a ceramic hob. In addition the surface on leaves the base and can also be used as a breakfast bar.

Bathroom renovation

Our house renovations involve a very precise renovation work for each stay. In this case the bathroom has also been completely improved. Now this daily use room has a new and functional sanitary equipment. It consists of a washbasin with storage furniture in the lower area, a toilet and a shower tray. Sliding door partitions have been chosen for the latter’s enclosures.

For the new image of the bathroom, a neutral and pleasant design has been chosen. Beige tiles have been used to tile the walls. In this way a very bright and visually spacious room is generated. This neutral tone allows you to introduce other finishes, for example the bathroom furniture has finishes in medium wood tones. For the pavement, a stoneware floor in a soft shade of gray has been chosen.

New general image

Like all the house renovations we have carried out, the general interior design of the house has also been improved. For this case we have worked on the basis of a contemporary style design. In it the neutral tones are the protagonists, since it is tried to obtain cozy space in which the natural light arrives at each corner.

Two colors have been combined in the hall and the walls have been painted white and gray. In the livingroom, which has a large entrance of natural light, white has been used to paint all the walls. It is combined with a parquet floor in natural wood tones. This is a fantastic option and brings a lot of warmth to the rooms. When choosing the color of the bedrooms there has been variety, as in some the color has remained white, but in others a soft beige has been used.

House renovations in Barcelona

Our house renovations company works on each project in a personalized way and based on the needs and budget of each owner. We have a versatile equipment and we adapt to any decorative style. We invite you to see more works of house renovations in Barcelona carried out by our team in our Youtube channel.