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House renovations in Esplugues de Llobregat: Clara Campoamor street

Our house renovations go beyond the city of Barcelona, ​​we also move to nearby towns. In this case we have gone to Esplugues de Llobregat to completely renovate this house. A project that has involved improvements in facilities and equipment and in the entire plot of interior design.

All based on the needs and budget of the owners. Our house renovations are personalized and tailored in each case. This is accompanied by the advice of our professionals from the first day the project begins. Thanks to our versatility and catalog of options we can guarantee the best results.

We share the results of this renovation in Esplugues in the following video. You can see much more on our YouTube channel and social networks.

Open kitchen

The new kitchen is open and has two fronts. The main furniture is distributed in a linear fashion, grouping the new kitchen equipment. It has a worktop that offers support and work surface. Also with a large sink and storage capacity in its lower and upper part.

The main kitchen area extends to the far left. The new appliances of this kitchen renovation have been integrated there. There are custom-made holes to place a refrigerator, an oven and a microwave. In turn, it has more cupboards that expand the storage capacity in the kitchen.

A multifunctional kitchen bar has been placed right in front. On the one hand, it has a ceramic hob for cooking and on the other hand it can also function as a breakfast bar. In this way, a perfect space is generated for relaxed meals and even receiving visitors.

New kitchen design

In addition to improving the equipment in this kitchen renovation, its design was also renewed. Being an open kitchen, the general image of the house has been maintained, which corresponds to a contemporary interior design. In this way, the main colors of the kitchen are neutral tones that generate brightness and spaciousness.

The kitchen furniture is presented in a very soft green and with finishes that bring a touch of rustic style. A detail that is enhanced more with the wooden worktop and the hydraulic floor in brown tones. It is a modern image with a style that brings a lot of personality to the kitchen area.

Suite bathroom and bedroom

In this house renovation in Esplugues, the reform of two bathrooms has also been carried out. As a result, two updated and highly functional spaces have been achieved. Now they respond to all needs both day to day and for moments of greater relaxation.

The bathroom suite is open to the bedroom and has modern and functional sanitary equipment. It has a double toilet with built-in storage furniture. Also a floating toilet and a water area for which a comfortable design bathtub has been chosen. A practical shower is also available for everyday use.

The walls have been tiled combining beige tiles and wooden finished tiles. It is an excellent design to combine with the image of the bedroom suite that is presented in a contemporary design. The walls have been painted in neutral tones and a parquet floor with natural wood finishes has been laid.

Functional toilets

As we have mentioned, we have also taken care of the renovation of the courtesy bathroom. It is located in a large space that has been able to be fully equipped. Now it has a toilet with storage furniture, a floating toilet and a large shower tray. A bathroom that meets current needs.

For its image, neutral tones have been used, although colored dots have also been applied. The wall has been tiled at medium height with terrazzo tiles and painted white up to the ceiling. For the shower wall, brown tiles have been used that match the new beige floor tiles.

House renovations budget

If you think it’s time to renovate your home, we invite you to come to Grupo Inventia. We work in Barcelona and you are looking for and we offer you a personalized renovation project that fits your budget. Contact us by calling 93 209 97 17.