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House renovations in Sant Cugat del Vallès

Our house renovations company operates both in the city of Barcelona and in nearby towns. This is one of the last jobs we have completed, a house renovation in Sant Cugat del Vallès. We have been in charge of renovating the interior image and the equipment of the whole house.

We offer complete renovations customized and according to the needs of each owner. Our goal is that you can have everything you need in your home and enjoy it from day one. For this we have a team of professionals in different areas such as technical architects, interior designers and construction crew.

In addition, we guarantee the quality of our materials. We only work with recognized brands and trusted suppliers. The best of all? We adapt to all types of budgets without renouncing the best qualities. This house renovation in Sant Cugat is an excellent example and we share its finished products in the following video.

Modern interiors

One of the first points that must be established in the house renovations is how the new interior design of the house will be. In this way, our interior designers can begin to establish the foundations of the new image. On this occasion, a contemporary interior design with bright and visually spacious spaces has been chosen.

These are two idyllic characteristics for a home and are achieved using neutral tones. The walls of the different spaces of this house have been painted white and allow light to flow to all the corners. This choice makes the most of the large entrances of natural light.

Another new element that provides the necessary warmth in a home is the floor. A parquet floor has been installed in natural wood tones. Now all the areas of the house have a homogeneous and very current image. The living room is ready both for social gatherings and for family moments and the bedrooms offer an ideal environment for rest.

One of the services we offer in house renovations is that of furnishing the home. As you can see in the video and in the photo gallery, this time it was. We have taken care of furnishing all the spaces in the house so that you can enjoy it from day one.

Kitchen with island

The kitchen is located in a large space that allows a lot of mobility. In addition, the new elements have been placed in the indicated place to offer the best functionality. This kitchen renovation has a linear distribution with integrated appliances at both ends. On the left we have the oven and the microwave, while the fridge is on the right.

In the center there is a large worktop equipped with a sink. Both the lower and upper parts have storage capacity. For this, the kitchen furniture has several drawers and cupboards that ensure a correct organization of all the elements.

A kitchen island has been placed right in front, which also functions as a breakfast bar. This is the place where we have installed the glass ceramic plate accompanied by a ceiling extractor hood. To the left is a table with capacity for several diners. In this way, a practical and functional dining space has been generated.

Functional bathrooms

We have also worked on improving the two bathrooms in the house. These are two hygiene spaces that complement each other perfectly and that now have a new image and equipment. Thanks to this bathrooms renovation, they are ready to offer the best services both on a daily basis and in moments of more relaxation.

As for the new sanitary equipment, each bathroom has three pieces. A toilet with built-in storage furniture, a floating toilet and a water area. This last element varies a little, since in some the bathtub has been kept and in the other a shower tray has been installed.

For the design of these bathrooms, the decorative lines of the rest of the house have been followed. Neutral tones such as beige, white and wood finishes predominate. In one of them, darker tones are also used in the bathroom furniture and in the bathtub cover. Both bathroom renovations have resulted in functional spaces with a very pleasant atmosphere.

Cuntom house renovations

You can call us on 93 209 97 17 and request your project plus a renovation budget. In less than a week we will have it ready with all the improvements you have mentioned. We will deliver them to you without any kind of commitment.