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House renovations in Rubí

Recently, our team of house renovations has completed a new work in the town of Rubí. In Grupo Inventia we develop housing renovation projects both in Barcelona city and in nearby municipalities. If you think it is time to improve any aspect of your home, call us on 93 209 97 17. One of our professionals will attend to your requests in a personalized way.

Our house renovation work is tailored to all styles and budgets. This project in Rubí is one of the many examples of work as we do. As you can see in the following video, this home is ready to offer the best benefits. Functional and fully equipped spaces that have turned this property into a real home.

For Grupo Inventia, each house renovation is unique and is treated in a personalized way based on the needs of each client. The wide variety of possibilities we offer for your new home place us as one of the leading companies in house renovations in Barcelona. In addition we deliver project and budget without sewing or commitment.

Bathroom renovation

One of the spaces we have been responsible for renovating is the bathroom. Now it has a modern design, a very bright and visually spacious room. These are two perfect features for a space of daily use. One of the great advantages is the skylight on the roof located at the bottom. In this way natural light accesses very smoothly.

For the new interior design of this bathroom renovation, the walls have been tiled at half height with white tiles. The rest of the wall up to the ceiling has been painted green. This combination of colors creates a very pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom. In addition, the new pavement is added.

This is an imitation parquet ceramic floor that offers perfect features. It is a durable material and perfect for a room where splashes can occur. On a practical level it is easy to maintain and visually provides a very contemporary image. In the same way that it combines with other elements that present wood finishes.

New toilets

In addition to the interior design of the bathroom, new sanitary equipment has also been installed. It is a very large space, so it has been fully equipped with all kinds of sanitary ware. To the right of the entrance is a double sink with a storage unit in its lower area.

A pair of modern toilet and bidet has been installed right in front. At the bottom of the room is the water area. It consists of a comfortable bathtub and a practical shower protected with sliding door partitions. In this way the bathroom adapts to any need offering a lot of functionality.

Exterior renovations

Another of the spaces that we have been responsible for renovating in this house renovation in Rubí have been the two terraces. At Grupo Inventia we have the right professionals to guarantee the best results in both exterior and interior renovations. Now the two terraces are ready to use and offer their best conditions.

One of the works has been the painting of terraces. We have applied a special exterior paint in white. The final image is that of visually wide spaces in which an idyllic image is generated. We have also taken care of ensuring the safety of the railings and changing the access doors.

Another of the renovated elements on the floor of the terraces. Precise paving work ensures ideal resistance for outdoor spaces. For these terraces, earth-colored tiles have been chosen that fit very well with the overall image. It is also a surface that repels water very well and is very safe.

House renovations Grupo Inventia

At Grupo Inventia we work to make your house renovation a success and you can enjoy everything you need. Our interior design professionals will take note of how you want your new home to look and our construction team will make it a reality. The years of experience and the projects we have completed allow us to ensure a job in line with your expectations.

To know more about our projects you can follow us on Youtube and on our social networks. We update them daily with the new comprehensive and partial reforms that we are finalizing. Click on the WhatsApp icon you have available in the upper right corner and contact us directly.