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How much is a kitchen renovation in Barcelona

25 June, 2021 · Blog

One of the most frequently asked questions when an interested person contacts us is how much is a kitchen renovation? Or bathroom or integral of the whole house. It is normal that when making such a decision you need to know a value, even if it is an approximate value.

However, to clarify the price of a kitchen renovation in Barcelona without having seen it before, observing its condition or knowing the square meters it has is complicated. Still, we will try to answer the question of how much a kitchen renovation is worth approximately and based on our own experience.

This may provide a slight idea, although at Grupo Inventia we offer a free service to set the price for all the renovations we do. One of our technical architects visits the house, takes measures and points out the needs of the owners. From there, our interior design team works to create 3D renderings and carry out the renovation budget. All this at no cost or commitment.

reforma de cocina
3D rendering project of kitchen renovation in Barcelona | Grupo Inventia

Types of kitchens

When determining the value of kitchen renovations should be kept in the gutter as it is. In order to establish a realistic budget, you must know its measures and what you want to do in it. We often receive requests to convert a separate kitchen into an open kitchen, for example. For this all the data are necessary since demolition works would also be included.

It also affects the size, as a small kitchen will not have the same parameters as a large one. For example, to place new furniture, flooring or tiling, the exact measurements of the kitchen must be known. Thanks to the previous service that we offer in our company of house renovations this can know before the works begin.

Contemporary kitchen

Our experience in kitchen renovations in and around Barcelona is extensive. With more than ten years working in them we can establish the pattern for a contemporary kitchen renovation. That is, a complete change in which a modern image is applied and functional elements are installed in both furniture and appliances.

reformas cocina barcelona
Kitchen renovation with L shaped distribution | Grupo Inventia

Neutral colors predominate in this type of kitchen. These are cases in which the owners want to get a bright and spacious space. In short, a kitchen with a pleasant atmosphere, as it is used daily. The most used colors are white or beige. They are combined with countertops of the same color or a darker shade as gray.

In the same way, the wood finishes are very well received. They are more than meet the image canon of a contemporary kitchen. If storage is available on the top of the countertop it may be a good option to place it. In turn it can be combined with other elements that will be changed such as the pavement. Imitation parquet ceramic floors are among the most widely used today.

Appliances and extras

Another of the services we offer in the kitchen renovations department is to fully equip it. Our home appliances catalog is extensive and we can install everything you need. In addition to the classics such as the refrigerator, oven or microwave, we also have wine cellars, dishwashers, washing machines, etc.

For a contemporary style kitchen it is common for appliances to be integrated into the kitchen cabinet. In this way the space is used to the maximum and a greater amplitude is generated that is translated in mobility and functionality. Our department of interior design in Barcelona makes sure you can see what the end result of your renovation will be like before signing the contract. 3D renderings are a great visual aid and also allow you to make the changes you deem appropriate.

From there your needs will mark what distribution the kitchen will have. L-shaped, double-fronted, linear, etc. In the same way that space must be taken into account to include a greater or lesser number of storage cabinets. All these factors influence the budget and at Grupo Inventia we want you to know yours without surprises.

almacenaje cocina
Linear kitchen with contemporary design | Grupo Inventia

How much is a kitchen renovation?

Having detailed several of the aspects that must be taken into account in a kitchen renovation, we can approach a budget. Improvement work on images, new furniture, appliances or flooring are key to being able to generate an accurate reform budget.

Given our experience in the sector of kitchen renovations in Barcelona we could establish a price range that would range between 3.000 and 7.000 euros. Counting that it is for a kitchen of the characteristics that we have mentioned. Similarly, a comprehensive or partial renovation that includes the kitchen and bathroom could reduce the final budget proportionally.

For our part we are aware that this is an important decision and that the parameters must be left very clear from the beginning. We trust in a sincere and personal treatment for all our projects. The result is more than a hundred reforms carried out each year with excellent results. Now we share a video in which we explain how we carry out the kitchen renovation projects in Barcelona and nearby towns.