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How much is a kitchen renovation in Barcelona worth?

12 February, 2020 · Blog

One of the most frequently asked questions among those who follow us on social networks like Facebook or Instagram is the question of how much is a kitchen renovation worth? First, this is one of the rooms most likely to require home renovation and second, we all like to have a slight idea of the investment needed.

The response of the department of Grupo Inventia kitchen renovation in Barcelona is usually the same in all cases. There are several factors involved in the renovation of a kitchen: the surface of the room, the appliances needed, the type of kitchen furniture you want, the pavement and a long list of items that must be taken into account. account.

Complete kitchen renovation

The best way to be able to put in an approximate kitchen renovation budget is to visit the home, take appropriate action, and learn about the requirements and needs of the homeowners. In this way, Grupo Inventia can develop a bespoke project that includes 3D renderings and the quoted budget. All this at no cost or commitment.

cocinas barcelona

However, this is a question that continues to be repeated, whether for the kitchen, the bathroom or a complete overhaul of the whole house. Although it is best to see it with your own eyes, there are some guidelines to determine the approximate value of a kitchen renovation.

Key aspects

The starting point is the surface of the kitchen, since its size will depend on the greater or lesser amount of materials to be used, whether for furniture, tiles, countertops, etc. Distribution is also important, especially if you want an open kitchen. It is worth noting that this is one of the options currently chosen and that must be taken into account the work of demolition wall.

Grupo Inventia has an extensive catalog of top brand appliances, which will also determine the value of the kitchen renovation. The kitchen furniture will also be made of them, as different options can be chosen depending, to a large extent, on the desired storage space in the kitchen.

cocinas barcelona

Kitchen renovation Barcelona

So how much is a kitchen reform in Barcelona worth? To be fair, we are faced with a fairly large fork and complicated to determine by all that we have exposed. However, after more than ten years of experience in the sector of home renovations in Barcelona, we could estimate in a very approximate way a mid-level kitchen renovation between 5,000 and 10,000 euros.