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How to choose economic refrigerators

16 May, 2023 · Blog

Being able to enjoy the comforts of home in person is our most precious goal. At home we can have everything we need both for our own well-being and for that of our family. However, the moment comes when changes must be made so that everything is just as good.

Paint the walls, change the floor or renovate the appliances. Among them is the fridge, an essential appliance since its inception. Either for a new kitchen or to replace ours, we must take time to get it right when choosing a refrigerator. Every time they offer us more and better services and we have to know how to choose according to our priorities.

neveras económicas cocina

In this case we want to opt for economic refrigerators. Refrigerators that fulfill their function perfectly and allow us to save a little. So we can invest in other aspects of our home and adapt our house to current trends. Following some tips you will be successful in your new refrigerator.

Size and style

Before starting to choose our economic refrigerator we must define some parameters. Above all, taking into account the space available for her, since it must be of the right size. In a kitchen renovation you can make a custom space in the new furniture, but in a finished kitchen you have to pay attention to every detail.

You also have to pay attention to the internal capacity of the refrigerator. A family will need more capacity than a house refrigerator for one or two people. In this sense, the market does not offer a wide variety of options by applying shelves, drawers and other organizing elements.

A classic choice today is to choose a refrigerator with freezer space in the lower part. This is how combi refrigerators are most adaptable to contemporary kitchens. If we have more space, the American refrigerators will cover all our needs. They have double doors and a large storage area. Another of the classics are the SMEG refrigerators, ideal for a retro-style home.

nevera retro

Energy consumption

Another key point when choosing a refrigerator is its energy consumption. Currently, manufacturers are very aware of this and work to ensure that their products are environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and in some cases it can have a direct impact on our electricity bill.

The concept of economic refrigerators is not just about the price we pay for the appliance. The profitability of a refrigerator also depends on how it affects its electrical consumption. As you already know, the more you search for the letter A, the better an appliance will be.

Economical refrigerators

The previous point is very important, but first we must be sure of what amount we can assume when buying a new refrigerator. Currently, a mid-range refrigerator costs around €200. From this amount you can be confident that you are buying a competitive product.

Establishing that they are cheap refrigerators means establishing a well-defined quality-price relationship. Being realistic, for a family flat, refrigerators priced between €250 and €400 usually meet the requirements. In the same way that we can choose between different brands such as Bosch, Samsung, Balay refrigerators and a long etcetera.

nevera americana dos puertas

Getting it right with an economical fridge involves establishing key points. A mix between the physical reality of the space it will occupy and personal and family needs. What is certain is that the offer is very varied and you can get the refrigerator that best suits your case.