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How to prepare a bedroom for girls

28 November, 2023 · Blog

Adapting a room for the little ones in the house is a rewarding and fun task. Beyond your supervision as an adult, this is a task in which the little ones can also participate. Adapting a space to your needs and tastes is a first step so that they can be a little more independent each time.

In this post we will present several ideas on how to prepare a bedroom for girls. On the one hand, we will emphasize the functional and necessary section for a room to offer the best features. On the other hand, we will also bring you ideas regarding interior design and decorative elements.

dormitorio para niñas

Functional furniture

Functionality should reign supreme in girl’s rooms. That’s why you have to choose practical and functional furniture that helps you on a daily basis. This is your own space and it should offer you the best comfort. That’s why you’ll have to look at all kinds of options, from the bed to the study area and through the storage capacity.

The first step is to choose functional furniture that fits the available space. You can choose furniture with built-in storage to keep the space organized. This last point is very important, because in addition to having fun in their girls’ room, they will also learn to organize their belongings.

Study area and play area

If this bedroom for girls allows you to have a study area, it will contribute more to the space being personal and multifunctional. A desk and a chair are fundamental pieces so that the little ones can do the tasks in comfort. In this way you will also learn to distinguish the areas of the house and know that what is related to education has its own space.

At the same time, the room is the place to rest, study and also have fun. You can allocate a space in the bedroom to a play area. At this point it is very important to have storage space. In girls’ rooms, having organization spaces for toys is vital to maintain a tidy image.

Choose a theme

Embracing practicality, a neutral bedroom will serve over the years. However, when preparing a bedroom for girls you can choose a theme that fits current tastes. Here you can ask her what she prefers and decide on a topic that the girl likes. Among all the possibilities, the most used are themed princesses, animals, flowers, or any other that is of interest to you.

On the other hand, the textiles must accompany the set of the girl’s room. They don’t have to be the same theme, but they do have to match the colors or style you’ve chosen. You can find sheets, pillowcases and comforters with fun and colorful patterns. In the same way, you can also decorate the walls with murals, stickers or posters that fit the theme. You can also create a gallery wall with photos or drawings that the girl has painted.

Prepare a bedroom for girls

As we mentioned at the beginning, remember to involve the girl in the design process. So you can choose colors, themes and decorations. This will make her feel more connected to her space and will also encourage her creativity and sense of belonging.