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The ideal pavement for each room

17 April, 2015 · Blog

In Grupo Inventia took several years performing high quality integral reforms in Barcelona and nearby. In addition to take the work of professional and committed way, we have a department specialized in interior design in a personalized way we advise all our customers. The purpose of this is to advise them on which elements will offer higher performance in their renovated home.

Among others, we have an extensive catalog with different types of pavement. Of all offered by the market, the most used and which are most often installed: hydraulic pavement, gres and laminate parquet.

Obviously each of these types of pavement better fit in a given room. This post will tell you that flooring is best for each stay.

Kitchen and bathroom

As we have said many times, the kitchen and the bathroom are two of the most important rooms in a home. Its daily use and activities that take place in them require full equipment and some different than the rest of our home features.

For pavement refers, most recommended, and desirable, to place in these two rooms are the hydraulic pavement or gres floor.

The reason is simple, because it is a kind of resistant to temperature changes, very durable and easy to maintain pavement. In addition, there are two surfaces easy to maintain in terms of hygiene, because with the right products not only takes a few minutes cleaning.

Hall and shared areas

Instead, for stays as the living room, bedroom or hallway, the most recommended is to install a laminate parquet pavement.

From the outset, this type of pavement provides a greater sense of warmth and help to create a pleasant atmosphere. Combined with the right colors, laminate parquet influences the spaciousness of each room, something very important, especially in small flats.

Like the above, it is also very easy to clean and care will not give us any headaches. If we choose well, we pavement for years.

Groupo Inventia pavement

Besides offering a great performance, it is robust and full of personality pavements. In Inventia Group have a wide variety of pavements and to discover, you should just contact us.