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Ideas for a functional kitchen

20 March, 2020 · Blog

In the interior design department of Grupo Inventia we do not get tired of making sure that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. For this reason, we do not like being able to bring you the latest trends in kitchen distribution and decoration.

In this post we are going to talk about how to achieve a functional and practical kitchen, suitable for more than cooking Let’s look at some ideas that will help you have a functional kitchen.

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To begin with, it must be borne in mind that for us a functional kitchen from being a room where we can carry out everyday tasks such as reading, having coffee, chatting with our friends or even a space in which children can do their homework comfortably.

To do this, the distribution of the kitchen is very important, because it will depend on the comfort and spaciousness, essential aspects to get a true functional kitchen.

Furniture for a functional kitchen

One thing that will tell us if we are really dealing with a functional kitchen is the distribution of its elements and, above all, their shape and the material with which they are made.

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One of the ideas that helps the proper distribution of a functional kitchen is to place all appliances in the same space. That is, for a convenient and convenient layout it is advisable to have the hob near the refrigerator and other appliances such as the oven and microwave. With this distribution, we will achieve a perfect functional kitchen, in which we will have everything you need at any time.

When it comes to furniture, it is highly recommended to have exposed shelves, meaning no doors or curtains. This way we will make all the kitchen products visible and more generates a greater sense of spaciousness.

If we want our kitchen to be a meeting point, we need a table and chairs. When it comes to the shape of the table, it is best to make it rectangular and even foldable. Round tables are more comfortable, but for a functional kitchen space, the rectangular shape is the right one. For their part, chairs should be made of durable material, as their use is daily. For this reason, wooden chairs are best suited, as they are durable and give the rustic touch that is always pleasing to kitchens.

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Latest trends in kitchens

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